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Robotic Fly Takes Flight

Robert Wood’s robotic flies are currently featured in MOMA’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit in New York. They’re definitely an engineering work of art, as the first insect-sized robots with the ability to lift themselves off the ground.  

Warehouse Robots at Work

IEEE spectrum takes you inside Kiva Systems’ robotic warehouse, where orange robots make inventory move instead of workers. Over time the system becomes increasingly efficient, with the robots learning from the wisdom of the crowd.  

CES 2011: Ride With Us in the GM EN-V

IEEE Spectrum got to take a quick ride in GM’s concept vehicle, and we took the camera along too. Being in the futuristic pod was exactly as fun as it looked like it would be, and the vehicle itself was quick and responsive.  

CES 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Demo

RIM was showing off their entry into the soon to be crowded tablet market. What’s unique is that it’s not running Android, Windows, (or even MeeGo). RIM is sticking with their own proprietary operating system that they’ve developed for this tablet, and the multitasking in particular looks impressive.  

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