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Brain Patterns experiments

What to do in this anatomy experiment.
Pat the top of your head with one hand
At the same time, pat your stomach with your other hand
Keep patting your head, but start to rub your stomach in a circle movement
Swap over. Now, rub you head while patting your stomach.


What’s happening
It is easy for the hands to do the same pattern of movement. but it is hard to do two different movements at the same time.


Why is this?
When you repeat the same movement, you get used to moving your hands in then same pattern. Your brain is programmed to do this.
* Back and forth movements or circular patterns are easy to do, but one pattern at a time. both types of movements are programmed into the brain.
It takes much more concentration to do two programs at the same time.


If you have a big brain are you more intelligent than someone with a small brain?

There is no direct link between being smart and having a big brain. For example, a larger brain is necessary to control muscles in larger animals. The adult human brain weighs about 1.3kg (3lbs) and the brain of an elephant weighs 6kg ( 20 lbs).


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