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Cambridge Internet of Things Talks: Mark Farid, Collusion artist

Mark Farid is a multimedia conceptual artist, who through an interrogative practise, examines the ethics of performing in social situations to help understand the administrated identity of the individual, in relationship to the institutions and systems.


Currently using technology to dissect these systems, Farid aims to help understand the power structures that bind together the collective of individuals, which act as the cogs in these formations. In doing so, Farid subverts the nature of this relationship in the hope of deconstructing the administering rules of function, with the aim of emancipating the participant and audience from these very power structures.


Farid graduated from Kingston University, London with a First Class in Fine Art (Hons), 2014, and has since participated in group and solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Abu Dhabi.


Collusion, lead by Rachel Drury and Simon Poulter, is a playful, experimental not for profit agency for Cambridge that operates at the intersection of arts, technology, and human interaction. They facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary explorations focusing on new work with artists within the area of embedded and locative systems – including the wider generic concepts of the internet of things and smart cities.


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