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Can You Walk on Water? (Non-Newtonian Fluid Pool)

15 boxes of Cornstarch and were walking on Oobleck! Mix one box at a time in a separate bowl and then poured into the tub.


What is happening?
You’ve essentially made homemade quicksand or a large tub of oobleck. Corn starch in water displays interesting properties. Under some conditions, it behaves as a liquid, while under other conditions, it acts as a solid. If you punch the mixture, it will be like hitting a wall, yet you can sink your feet or body into it like water. If you squeeze it, it feels firm, yet when you release the pressure, the fluid flows through your fingers.


A Newtonian fluid is one which maintains constant viscosity. Corn starch in water is a non-Newtonian fluid because its viscosity changes according to pressure or agitation. When you apply pressure to the mixture, you increase the viscosity, making it seem harder. Under lower pressure, the fluid is less viscous and flows more readily. Corn starch in water is a shear thickening fluid or dilatant fluid.


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