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NASA’s BEST — Improve

The final phase of the engineering design process is to improve. This is the step where changes are made to the original model to come up with the best solution. Don Higdon says the most important idea for students to take away is that this is a process that can be applied to any problem.  

NASA’s BEST — Introduction

Don Higdon explains why NASA needs engineers and discusses the purpose of the engineering design process video series created for NASA BEST. He lists the steps in the Boston Museum of Science engineering design process — ask, imagine, plan, create, experiment and improve. He concludes by showing a simple hands-on experiment for students.  

Toy from Trash – Marathi

This Marble Mouse is an amazing toy from China. Fold the cut-out of the Marble Mouse from a card sheet. Insert a marble in its elliptical tummy hole. The mouse is all ready to roll. Place it on a book with the marble down. As you tilt the book the mouse will roll round and round.  

Toy from Trash – Russian

Make a very beautiful butterfly using colorful magazine paper. The wings of the butterfly are made by crimping paper. Then join two pairs of wings and stick them to the card body to complete the butterfly. You can hang this beautiful butterfly with a thread on the wall.  

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