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Industrial Robots and Automation

EPSON RS3 with Vision Guidance (RS3-351SSR Scara)

The RS3 is showing how it allows for multiple pallets to be spread across the entire work envelope, maximizing the use of valuable floor space. It demonstrates high speed transfer using shortest movements possible. We are demonstrating the ability to shuttle in multiple components in pallets to assemble a single part. The base design allows for additional processing stations to be bolted up to the system. Not shown but included would be a screw driving system, a pressure testing system and a labeling system. The robot is using vision guidance to determine the exact location of the sub-components for assembly….

EPSON RS4-551 High Performance SCARA Plus

EPSON RS-Series robots are the most unique and flexible SCARAs available in the market today. The RS4 is a zero footprint robot. It is capable of easy integration into compact assembly cells. The RS-Series’ unique design improves cycle time vs. other “old” SCARA designs – With the ability to maneuver under itself for the shortest movements possible instead of having to move around itself, EPSON RS-Series deliver superior cycle rates. This means more parts processed in less time, while using a fraction of floor space which results in more profits for our customers.  

EPSON G-Series SCARA Robots

Look no further for your next SCARA robot as EPSON gives you more power of choice than ever before. With 200+ models available in sizes from 175 – 1,000 mm in reach and payloads up to 20kg, chances are that EPSON has the model and configuration you need for your next application.  

Robot Vision Guidance

Like modern robots, machine vision is a technology that has also benefited greatly by the advances in computer hardware and software. Linking robots and vision systems together, gives users the ability to inspect a workpiece and guide the robot based on the machine vision feedback. Rather than re-inventing existing technology, EPSON’s philosophy is to make use of “Best in Class” automation solutions. Our challenge is then to integrate them with our robots in a seamless and easy to use fashion. Vision Guide 6.0 is EPSON’s state-of-the-art solution for robot guidance and inspection.  

Solar Power International 2010

Unique to the EPSON RS3 is the new workspace design which maximises work envelope usage. The unique arm structure of the EPSON RS4 robot utilizes the entire workspace underneath the arm, defeating the “old” SCARA design limitations so there is no dead space in the center of the work envelope.  

EPSON S5-Series 6 Axis Robots

EPSON S5-Series robots provide superior performance along with industry leading PC based controls. They are high speed, mid range 6 axis robots with a small footprint and advanced flexibility for even the most demanding application. S5-Series robots are ideal for applications where 6 axis dexterity is required such as small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and may other applications requiring speed, precision and/or smooth motion.  

6-Axis Robot Packaging Food

EPSON C3 compact 6-axis robot loads packets of butter into a shipping carton. The workcell works 24 hours a day; providing local hotels, restaurants, airlines etc with needed single serve portion packs of butter for use by their customers. The robot packaging system is a joint project of Technofoods, a Chilean builder of automation systems, and Quest Group, the local EPSON Robots distributor.  

EPSON Robots – RC180 Control & G Series SCARAs

The EPSON RC180 Micro Power Drive controller is a low cost, high performance robot controller that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use, compact size, and reliability at an incredible low cost.   With core performance features superior to many other robot vendors high end controllers, the EPSON Micro Power Drive creates a whole new class of robot controllers for customers seeking the best mix of low cost and high performance. Some of the major features include: * Low Cost and High Performance * Fast Robot Cycle and Program Execution Times * Compact Size (smallest 6-axis controller in the…

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