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Industrial Robots and Automation

6-Axis Robot Loading/Unloading Fusion Furnace

Robotic sample handling enables many of the ‘human variables’ to be removed from the fusion process, while also separating laboratory staff from the heat of the furnaces.   The dual system (pictured above) offers an automated production rate of 50-60 samples per hour, dependant only on the fusion time required for the samples. The robotic module collects prepared samples and moulds from a load / unload point and supervises the entire fusion process, delivering spent crucibles and fused beads back to the load / unload point. Indexing is maintained throughout to prevent mis-identification.  


EPSON LS3 robots are the low cost and high performance leader for compact SCARA robots. LS3 robots are available in 400mm arm lengths and are able to meet the demanding space requirements of factories with limited workspace areas with its small footprint. With outstanding cycle times and workspace usage, it is the robot of choice for high speed applications where superior performance is required in a compact robot at a value price.  

Assembly and Measurement of Automobile Seat Force Sensors

Tech3d Control in Lauffen am Neckar plans, develops and produces special plants in the field of automated measurement engineering for a wide range of industrial customers. Each project represents an individual solution to a customer-specific problem. The production of seat force sensors for automobiles is one of those tasks.   The production line for these sensors combines assembly, quality control and palletising. It must deliver over 10,000 parts within 24 hours faultlessly. While so doing, speed and precision are essential.  

Robotic Assembly & Screwdriving Cell in Brasil

Four EPSON scara robots are used to assemble an automotive component in a factory in Brazil. Robot # 1 assembles the part. Robots # 2-4 work together to drive the bolts to a pre-set torque value, ensuring a tight part-to-part seal. The robot work cell was designed, built and installed by Rivaltec Ltda, a Brazilian factory automation equipment integrator.  

EPSON LS-Series SCARA Robots

EPSON LS-Series robots were created as the reduced cost solution for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance.   Although EPSON LS-Series SCARA robots were created with reduced cost in mind, they are still packed with the same performance and reliability our users have come to expect from EPSON. Everything from high performance motion control with our PowerDrive technology to integrated options such as Vision Guide, .Net connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus, Expansion I/O and more is available with LS-Series SCARA robots. ISO4 clean compliant models are also available for medical, semiconductor and other particle sensitive applications.   EPSON LS-Series…

EPSON LS3 y LS6 Robots Scara

The LS series of EPSON robots was created as a low-cost solution for factories that seek maximum value without sacrificing performance.   Although EPSON SCARA robots of the LS series were created with low cost in mind, they are assembled with the same performance and reliability expected by our customers. Everything from high-performance motion control through our PowerDrive technology to integrated options such as: guidance by vision system, network connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus, input and output expansion cards, and much more are available for SCARA robots. the LS series. With compatible ISO4 models available for medical, semiconductor and other particle sensitive…

6-Axis Robotic Polishing Cell

RND Automation recently created a robotic polishing workcell for a large aerospace parts manufacturer. The EPSON robot runs 3 different parts and uses a laser distance sensor to determine the size of the buffing wheel. The robot then compensates the position of the part to always be in contact with the wheel at a specified pressure.  

EPSON RC+ 5.0 Robot Simulator Software

EPSON RC+ 5.0 Robot Simulator Software makes it possible for automation engineers to design, build and debug virtual robot work cells – saving valuable time and money.   Here are some of the things users can do with EPSON RC+ 5.0 Simulator Software: Display 3D Robot Motion • Shows robot orientation and motion in a 3D display from various viewpoints. • Offers accurate display data based on design data.   Check of Mechanical Interference Problems • Checks whether the robot (including the end of arm tooling) interferes with itself or its peripherals.   Estimate Robot Cycle Times • Predicts the…

O software de simulação Epson Robôs

Simulation software has become a standard in modern robot software, Epson automatically provides the unlicensed RC + programming environment and helps users at all stages of their automation project. At the design stage you can test various robot layouts and models. In the integration phase the Epson simulator will help you in validating the programs. In operation, modifications can be tested without risk, before being implemented in production quickly and efficiently. Thus, the Epson simulator increases confidence in planning and reducing costs at each stage of a project. Rest assured with the simplicity of using the Epson simulator.  

EPSON C4 Compact 6 Axis Robot

The C4 is the next generation compact 6-axis robot. Building on success of the C3 robot, the C4 gives users faster cycle times and higher payloads. It’s perfect for applications that require lots of motion flexibility and use very little space. Typical applications are pick & place, machine tending, small part assembly, dispensing plus many others.  

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