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Industrial Robots and Automation

Robot Loading Stamping Press

An EPSON 6-axis robot picks up steel blanks and feeds a stamping press. The robot automation work cell increased production 300% over the previous manual operation. In addition the robot removed an operator from a potentially hazardous work environment.   The end user designed and installed the complete robot work cell and has plans to implement more robot automation.  

Decorating Smart Phone Covers with Robots

An EPSON C Series 6-axis robot places multi-colored rhinestones on a smart phone cover. The process starts with a small flexible feeding device presenting rhinestones to the robot. The robot’s vision guidance finds the location, orientation and color of each rhinestone so that the robot can pick up different color rhinestones. After pick up the robot moves to a dispensing station where a small drop of adhesive is applied to each rhinestone. The final step is placing each rhinestone on the smart phone cover.  

Maquina de Teste de Difusor de Ar com Robo Epson

Special machine developed by STM Automação Industrial Ltda. for air diffuser test (air outlet nozzle on car dashboard). Performs tests of the force of movement of the air drivers and the opening and closing button using an Epson robot and load cell. The Epson robot performs a smooth movement that provides a very precise measurement. The operating interface (HMI) displays the real-time graphs, parameters, and test information. The machine is able to automatically discard the failed parts in an enclosed compartment. This type of machine can be adapted and built by STM to perform various types of testing and assembly…

Dashboard Air Vent Testing Machine with Epson Robot

Automatic machine developed by STM Automação Industrial Ltda. to test the force and torque of the dash air vent. It performs automatic testing operation with an Epson robot and a load cell. The Epson robot provides a smooth movement so the measurement is very accurate. The operator interface (HMI) presents the graphics in real time, the parameters and information about the test. The machine is able to dispose the reproved part automatically in a locked compartment. This kind of machine can be customized and built by STM to perform many kinds of operation of testing and assembling due to its…

Vision Based Parts Sorting System

EPSON 4-axis scara robot uses two vision systems to automatically find, inspect and sort various electronic components.   A robot based vision inspect & sort systems eliminates the risk of operator error in part identification and packaging.   Vision #1 is a downward looking camera that finds the location and orientation of the components and send this positional data to the robot. The robot uses this information for part pick up. Vision #2 is a sideways looking camera that reads the numeric symbol and transfers it to the robot. The robot uses this information to place the component in the…

Automated Flexible Assembly Bin Picking Cell

A major automotive components supplier installed an automated two stage bin picking cell that uses two EPSON robots interfaced with a vision guidance system to assemble automotive brake lines. The higher throughput rates and increased yields help this supplier keep a competitive edge.   The cell was designed & built by Adaptive Equipment.   Adaptive Equipment Gainesville, FL, USA Tele: +1.352.284.8590  

Robotics Innovation from Epson

Epson’s robotics was founded in the manufacture of watch movements, which demands efficient and highly precise assembly of extremely small components.   Today, Epson robots are deployed across our production lines to enable precision assembly, efficient manufacturing and high levels of automation. By continuing to evolve our efficient, compact and precision technologies, Epson robotics is expanding possibilities.  

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