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Internet of Things(IoT)

IoT Applications: Soil Quality Monitor

Large-scale agriculture can require time-consuming testing of soil quality. We’ve created an Internet of Things application that combines an automated watering schedule with remotely controllable sprinklers to ensure that optimal moisture levels are always maintained in growing beds. This video will show you how to build it.   This application monitors moisture levels in soil to determine when adjustments must be made to a watering schedule, which is recorded in a Google Calendar. When the soil becomes too dry and an extra watering is necessary, the application will send an email alert to a supervisor, who can use an iOS…

nexiles Showcase – Internet of Things

By now, we have a working setup for our Internet of Things showcase. It features a fischertechnik crane model that is connected to Microsoft Azure and a dashboard for visualization. The Azure back-end takes care of device management, message stream analysis (fishing out the critical alerts), data persistence, as well as data access and visualization.   We have registered 4 Offshore cranes in the showcase. Their individual and current position is retrieved in real-time from the ship’s AIS information. Also, pictures and other information about the vessels is retrieved from the same system. Each registered vessel is shown on a…

06 Internet of Things Video Series Power BI

Welcome to the last episode of the Internet of Things Video Series. In this video,we will be walking you through on how to use Power BI to turn data into visualizations that can be used for storytelling. This concludes the Internet of Things Video Series, and we hope that you use the insight we have provided to build your own Internet of Things application.  

App Cloud and The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things extends your Salesforce integration into the very real world of sensors, switches, and speech. Join us as we give an overview of multiple use cases using a variety of hardware that ties back to the App Cloud and its family of API”s. It will breakdown how development works on devices like Electric Imps and Raspberry Pi”s, while also showing the API”s and Apex required to interact with them  

Partner Webcast – Oracle Internet of Things Platform: Java 8 connecting the world – 11 Sep 2014

The Internet of Things Revolution is gaining speed. There are more and more devices, data and connections, thus more and more complexity to handle. But in the first place it brings complete new opportunities to innovative companies. Learn why Java is the answer for many of today and future IoT challenges.   Explore new capabilities of Java ME Embedded 8 which has been specifically designed to run modern IoT platform. Understand the immediate opportunities Java brings to the table in the M2M world.  

Internet of Things Project | Arduino | PART 1

The project is a simple demonstrative idea of how the Internet of things based devices work. The project covers all the sections needed to be known to make an IOT device. The project uses Arduino Uno, ESP8266 Wifi module, 16×2 LCD module, Jumper wires (M-M,F-M,F-F), Piezo Buzzer, LED’s, Breadboard, and Push Buttons.  

“The Internet of Things” – Wifi temperature sensor – Arduino & DFrobot wifi shield.

Video description of an implementation of a wireless temperature sensor using a Arduino prototype board and Dfrobot v2.2 wifi shield. The goal is to explore the topics of “The internet of things”, cloud computing and web services.   This formed part of the University Stellenbosch Business School MBA programme for the Operations and Information Management Module.  

Java Speaks the Language of the Internet of Things

We’re just beginning to see the potential value of the Internet of Things, and its forms and uses will extend well beyond what we know today. Moore’s Law has ensured that LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and LPAN connection technologies can be added at low incremental cost, and the same observation applies to the new products, applications, and technology foundations to build upon. Given its ability to run on a wide range of devices—from sensors with limited CPU and memory capacity to rack-mounted servers—no other technology is better positioned to power an Internet of Things strategy than Java. Learn more in…

Internet of Things – Like Blink

Today I will show you how to make the basic example of Internet of Things from my previous video (“Internet of Things — Getting Started”) more interesting by putting some Internet into the mix. This time, I will make the LED blink each time someone gets a like on Facebook.   All the hardware that you need to perform this lab is the same as in the previous video, so please check that out for the details. The difference this time is that I will add a multichannel service to get the number of likes from a Facebook fan-page, and…

Alumni Webinar: The Internet of Things

There is no shortage of gleeful hysteria surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and its enormous revenue potential. At a high-level, IoT is about frictionless integration of data and services within a network of technology objects that enables communication and interaction with other objects, and to produce specific, customized outcomes.   Beyond the hype, the revenue opportunities extend past traditional business model thinking to interconnected systems and their stakeholders. The challenges are technical, strategic and cultural.   We will explore IoT unique challenges, examples from today, and how might businesses adopt IoT by 2020.   Since 2007, Troy Fulton has…

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator (IOT)

Welcome to the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is connected: machines, personnel and processes. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator Studio allows customers to build / orchestrate processes where they also include examples of: – Add Maintenance Alerts – Update the readings of the meters / meters – Update of locations (geo positioning) of equipment – Kanban Check In / Check Out – Add mixing operations  

Adam Justice Speaks on Internet of Things Standards at IoTLive

The Global Internet of Things Day took place this year on April 9th. Adam Justice, Vice President and General Manager of Grid Connect and ConnectSense, spoke on Internet of Things (IoT) standards and protocols for a special online event called IoTLive.   The time is now to start having the important conversations on the technologies, security, data privacy, and enormous potential that an “Internet of Things” is capable of.  

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