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Arduino Balancing Platform

Using accelerometer (MPU6050) for tracking the orientation of the base and according to that adjusting the position of the platform using a servo motor. I am also using a Kalman filtering for stabilization.  

Arduino Tutorial 02: Buttons and PWM

In this tutorial we will learn how the Digital Input and Output pins work and we will make few examples using Buttons and LEDs. Also we will learn what is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and make examples for controlling the LED brightness using PWM.  

Arduino Tutorial 06: Processing

In this tutorial we will learn how to connect Arduino to Processing and how are they communicatng using the Serial Port. Also we will make an example where we will use the Processing IDE to send commands to the Arduino Board and vice-verse.  

Arduino and Matlab GUI Tutorial

In this Arduino and Matlab GUI Tutorial we will learn how to control the Arduino Board using Matlab GUI (Graphic User Interface). We will make a Matlab GUI with two buttons for turning on and off a led and an axis for plotting the analog input from a photocell (light-dependent resistor).  

Solidworks Spring Tutorial – Adaptive Spring Animation

In this this tutorial we will learn how to make a Spring Animation in Solidworks. We will implement this tutorial in a camshaft mechanism where we will make an animation of the spring which will be located between the valve and the valve support guide. Realistic Spring movement in Solidworks. Spring Animation in Solidworks Tutorial. Moving Spring in Solidworks.  

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 | Best FREE Screen Recorder

In this video you can see how the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 works, which I consider as the Best Screen Recorder for FREE. It is so because it’s an official software from Microsoft, which means it comes as a clean installation file without any ads during the installation which is a great thing for a free software. Also, its recording abilities are outstanding, with a lot of settings and recording in HD up to 1600p.  

Arduino Radar Demo

This is a demo video of the Arduino Radar Project. The Radar uses an ultrasonic sensor for detecting the objects, a small hobbyist servo motor for rotating the Sensor and an Arduino Board for controlling them.  

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