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Acrylic Bit Stand @Othermachine #MillingMonday #CNC

This week I thought I’d make a simple stand for holding my tool bits. I’ve been keeping them in their little containers in a box but I find it cumbersome. This simple design keeps my main bits at arms reach and it’s much easier to put them away and take them out now. For the material I used 2.2mm thick acrylic and used a 1/32″ flat end mill to cut the pieces out.  

Pi Lure Module @Othermachine #MillingMonday #CNC

In this project we’re milling a cover out of acrylic for a new 3D printed project. This looks like a Lure Module from the game Pokémon Go, but we’re using it to find Pokémon. Using a Raspberry Pi Zero, and some python code, it connects to the unofficial Niantic API and requests when Pokémon spawn near by a given location.  

Fidget Spinner on Othermill CNC

On this Milling Monday, we’re milling an Adafruit logo fidget spinner out of pine wood. Designed and processed using Autodesk Fusion 360 & Otherplan. Machined on the Othermill Pro by Othermachine.  

John Park’s Remote Effect Trigger Box Illusion Demo @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

The Remote Effect Trigger Box is a packet radio 900MHz Feather-powered, general purpose effects controller that can be used to remotely trigger motors, lights, illusions, sound, pyro, smoke, trap doors, and mind-controlled shark assassins. And blenders. This demo shows the remote being used to trigger both an AC powered spot light, and a stepper-motor based card levitation.  

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