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John Park’s NeoPixel Level Shifter @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

Solve microcontroller-to-NeoPixel mismatches with a level shifter. 3v3 micros can talk with 5V NeoPixels, they just need a translator. That translator is the ever handy logic level shifter. Often, a mismatch of logic levels can cause strange behavior, such as dim or wrong-colored pixels — especially on longer wire runs or in projects that use large numbers of NeoPixels. Also, a look at transferring your project from breadboard to permanent Perma Proto board.  

John Park’s Light Paintbrush @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit #CircuitPlayground

Paint with light using the Circuit Playground Light Paintbrush for long exposure photography. Tilt the brush to change colors using the on-board accelerometer.   Streaks of colorful light, suspended in midair — ever since people began to capture images on film we have had a fascination with light painting and light drawing. By simply moving a light source in front of an open shutter, motion over time could be captured on camera.  

John Park’s Conductive Paint Stencil Mask @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

Here’s a quick tip on using a stencil mask for painting with conductive ink. Creating circuits with conductive ink is fun and easy. If you’d like to add form to your function and increase the design appeal of your conductive ink circuits, try using a stencil mask. This circuit was designed in Rhino to fit the Circuit Playground and laser cut from Mylar.  

John Park’s Circuit Playground Class Scheduler @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit #CircuitPlayground

Keep track of tricky schedules, Monday through Friday with the Circuit Playground Class Scheduler! The Circuit Playground’s NeoPixels are used as indicators for day of the week and class periods, color coded per subject. You can enter a complex schedule that varies daily in the sketch, and then click the buttons on your Circuit Playground to find out which class is next.  

John Park’s Circuit Playground Password Vault @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit #CircuitPlayground

Long, random passwords are the most secure, but can be difficult to remember and tricky to type. Build this portable Circuit Playground Password Vault to remember and enter them for you! Store up to ten passwords and use them at the push of a button. You’ll create a unique unlock sequence so your passwords stay secure, and build a rugged 3D printed case.  

John Park’s PZ-1 Pizza Box DJ Controller @adafruit #adafruit @johnedgarpark #circuitplayground

Build your own DJ controller using a cardboard pizza box, conductive paint, and a Circuit Playground! The PZ-1 pizza box DJ controller uses a Circuit Playground, which senses your capacitive touch and speaks MIDI directly to your software, such as Traktor, Mixxx, and others. With a stencil and conductive paint you’ll create a delicious, functional controller layout. Inspired by a limited edition pizza box turntable from a famous pizza brand, now you can make your own!  

John Park’s Sword & Wand Prop Effects with Circuit Playground @adafruit @johnedgarpark #halloween

Add motion triggered sound and light effects to any prop with Circuit Playground. Here’s a way to quickly and easily add exciting, colorful lighting effects and sounds to your props. Using the accelerometer, speaker, and NeoPixel LEDs built into the Circuit Playground, you can have sounds and lights for idle animations, along with two different effects triggered by waving and striking your foam sword, cosplay blaster, magic wand, and more.  

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