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The Homemade MōVI

This homebrew camera stabilizer is based on a system intended to be used to mount a camera under a model helicopter. It replaces the counterweights of a traditional steadicam with gyroscopes, accelerometers, and motorized gimbals.  

Is the STEM Crisis a Myth?

Last month’s article “The STEM Crisis Is a Myth,” by IEEE Spectrum contributing editor Robert N. Charette, triggered a hearty response from readers. Many commenters shared his view—that there is no shortage of scientists and engineers—and quite a few were against it. It seemed clear that a discussion of the issue should continue.  

Fighting Paralysis With Electricity

When the spinal cord is broken, the brain’s commands can’t make it past the neural injury. But now researchers may be able to supply artificial commands to lower limbs with electricity.   Electrodes were implanted in a paralyzed rat’s spinal cord and, when activated, they enable the rat to walk short distances. Even more amazingly, researchers are conducting similar experiments with humans.  

Toilet to Tap Water: How Singapore Became Water Self-Sufficient

It’s hard to convince people that drinking recycled wastewater is a good idea. But for the bustling city-state of Singapore, it’s better than the alternatives. Singapore’s leaders and researchers have worked hard to educate the public about the benefits of water recycling, and now they envision the island as a global water-technology hub.  

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