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Raspberry Pi – Booting (fedora remix) for the first time

Fedora remix was the Raspberry Pi’s Linux distribution of choice near the launch of the Pi; it was my personal choice as well. I used Fedora because of its similarity to Red Hat, and I was familiar with Red Hat because some of the programs where I work use it as their operating system.   It appears to be a good stable release, but, it’s been taken down off of the Raspberry Pi’s download site; I’m not sure as to why they have done this. With the release of Raspbian (a Debian based OS), I see little need for Fedora…

Raspberry Pi – Preparing the SD card

Your Raspberry Pi is a computer and all computers need an operating system. The Raspberry Pi currently supports a number of Linux based operating systems; however, the official OS is called Raspbian. This is also how you run software such as XMBC. In this tutorial you will learn how to setup your raspberry pi’s SD card.  

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