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Using MATLAB and Simulink in the world of IoT

This webinar will show how you can use MATLAB and Simulink with an Internet of Things data collection platform. A car counter is implemented overlooking a busy highway using a Raspberry Pi 2 and a webcam. In this demonstration, Simulink is used to deploy the car-counting algorithm on the Raspberry Pi which is connected to the internet. The traffic can be analyzed offline with MATLAB or online using ThingSpeak (an IoT data collection platform) and its built-in MATLAB Analysis and MATLAB Visualizations apps.  

Using Simulink to Program Raspberry Pi for Image Inversion

This hands-on tutorial shows how to use Simulink® to program a Raspberry Pi 2 for image inversion. A stream of images are acquired from the Raspberry Pi Camera Board while the inverted image is being viewed in the Simulink environment. This video also shows how Simulink can tune parameters while your algorithm is running on the Raspberry Pi.  

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