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Raspberry Pi Tutorial 45: How to use Screen (Linux)

Screen is a program that allows you to run multiple virtual windows or screens within one terminal login session. Why does this matter? It can be a PITA running multiple PuTTY windows open on your machine while you remote into your Linux computer. Screen eliminates the need for you to run multiple windows – instead you can just run screen.   A benefit more important to me is being able to run programs on your remote computer without needing to keep the ssh session window active. Why get a remote Raspberry Pi to run something if it means your home…

Raspberry Pi Tutorial 44: Text Message Greeter

This tutorial brings together what the past two tutorials were working up: turning your Raspberry Pi into a text messaging greeter who welcomes you home from work! In this tutorial I show you how to scan your LAN for your cellphone and then send a message to you via a text welcoming you home.   I know this isn’t the biggest or most interesting project, but the concepts learned can be applied to other projects you may have in mind where you want a reaction based on whether you’re home, and the ability to send SMS out from your Pi…

Raspberry Pi Tutorial 43: Send a Text Message!

In this tutorial I show you how you can use your Raspberry Pi to send a text message to your cellphone using Twilio. Sending text messages is useful if you want updates from your home automation system. In the context of the project I’m working on in the previous tutorial (and the next one), I will use this texting service to send myself a greeting message whenever I come home from work.   This is done using Twilio. I’m not affiliated with them, and there are other options out there. However it’s easy to get started with Twilio and the…

Raspberry Pi Tutorial 42: Who is Home: Network IP Scanning

This is the first of three tutorials that works on turning your Raspberry Pi into a home greeter bot. The idea is: whenever you return home after work or school your Raspberry Pi sends you a text message welcoming you home. The first step in this project is trying to figure out when you’re home without you having to purchase expensive sensing gear or manually interacting with something.   Smartphones are ubiquitous these days, as is Wifi. Everyone has a smart phone on their home wifi network. This can be taken advantage of by having your Pi scan your home’s…

Raspberry Pi Tutorial 38 – Use an Arduino as a Slave with Python (Nanpy)

Arduinos are great. The Raspberry Pi is pretty cool too. Together, they’re spectacular. However writing separate codes in different languages to have the two units works together is a bit of a hassle. In this tutorial I show you how to stream commands from the Raspberry Pi to the Arduino using UART serial communication. The package is Nanpy, allowing you to run Arduino commands in a Python script.  

Raspberry Pi Tutorial 33 – Wireless Pi to Pi Python Communication with NRF24L01+ Part 2

The NRF24L01 + is an inexpensive low power high speed communication device! It’s not exactly plug and plug on a Raspberry Pi though, as compared to a wifi dongle. Building upon the previous tutorial, in this tutorial I show you how to establish two way communication between two Raspberry Pis connected to two NRF24L01+ transceivers! I’m talking master and slave communication style simulating pulling data from a sensor.  

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