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GreenFleet Arrive ‘N’ Drive 2014

GreenFleet Arrive ‘N’ Drive 2014   As well as giving fleet managers the opportunity to put the latest clean vehicles through their paces on a world class race track, the Arrive ‘N’ Drive showcases organisations that encourage efficient driving techniques and green fleet management practices.   Over 100 types of vehicle will be on show, with electric and range-extended technology featuring prominently.   Check out vehicles that won’t be on the roads until 2015.   This event is the crucible of what’s going to happen. There’s stuff here that I’ve never seen before, let alone driven. For fleet managers it’s…

Welcome to ‘Working to Engineer a Better World’

The IET has joined forces with ITN Productions to make an online news programme to promote greater understanding of the role engineering plays in our society and economy.   Natasha Kaplinsky presents the programme, Working to Engineer a Better World, which features many different faces of engineering in the 21st Century – demonstrating how important engineering and technology have become to our everyday lives.  

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