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An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural Virginia Tech team and their autonomous vehicles journeyed to Abu Dhabi for an exclusive worldwide competition.

Last winter, a team of engineering graduate students regularly ventured out to Virginia Tech’s Kentland Farm. They’d drive past fields of cows and farmland until they reached a small garage and strip of asphalt. It’s here they’d unload a set of autonomous vehicles: several drones and a ground vehicle. They’d place markers made of tape and tarps on the concrete and set up their laptops and equipment. And then they’d get to testing. By March, they’d trade the cold winds of a Blacksburg winter for the dry heat of the desert. Mickey Cowden, a master’s student studying computer engineering, sits…

Geo Location Guide Using RF

The system proposes to replace the “you are here boards” mounted throughout huge theme parks with this smart system that uses an Rf based circuit in order to guide user through the park  

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