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Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft videos where are combined elements of Minecraft with the paper blocks, paper mobs and completely paper world. Paper Skyblock series will have around 30 parts. Each episode builds on the previous. A lot of content will come in next episodes, where will be the world from thousands paper blocks.  


Living in the magma wastelands near the planet’s core, the red-hot tribe of Infernites are kind of heroic, kind of bumbling… and really handy for a barbecue. FLAIN is their adventurous leader. Known as “the smart one” to friends because this Infernite can spell… but beware! If FLAIN thinks too hard that massive brain will soon catch fire!  

Toy from Trash – Marathi

This Marble Mouse is an amazing toy from China. Fold the cut-out of the Marble Mouse from a card sheet. Insert a marble in its elliptical tummy hole. The mouse is all ready to roll. Place it on a book with the marble down. As you tilt the book the mouse will roll round and round.  

Toy from Trash – Gujarati

This cloth ball is made by sewing 5-petals and 2-pentagons of cloth. A big balloon is then placed in the buttonhole and inflated. The mouth of the balloon is twisted and tucked it in the buttonhole. You can play with this wonderful bouncy ball. You can wash it when it becomes dirty.  

Toy from Trash – Oriya

This is not a “storm in a teacup” but a tornado in a bottle. Tape two bottle lids back-to-back and make a through hole. Screw two big bottles on the lids. The lower bottle should be filled with water. Upturn and give the bottles a circular shake. A tornado will swirl and spin giving you a feel for a real tornado.  

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