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Arduino + VoiceBox Shield + WiFly Shield

Engineer Chris Taylor showing his project combining an Arduino, VoiceBox Shield and WiFly Shield to create an Arduino based portable WiFi server that speaks when someone on that WiFi network browses to the devices IP address and enters in some text.  

Arduino Wav Player

Ryan, a SparkFun Engineer, wrote a tutorial that will guide you through using an Arduino main board, a AD5330 breakout board (8-bit DAC), and a microSD Shield to make a slick device to playback uncompressed Wav files.  

EL Wire Demonstration

EL Wire Product Demonstration   EL Inverter – 3V – El Wire – Red 3m – EL Wire – Yellow 3m – EL Wire – Orange 3m – EL Wire – Green 3m – EL Wire – Blue 3m – EL Wire – Purple 3m – EL Wire – White 3m – EL Wire – Pink 3m – EL Wire – Blue-Green 3m – EL Wire – Fluorescent-Green 3m – Wall Adapter EL Inverter – Coming Soon!  

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