Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi’s Rob Bishop – Past, Present and Future of the Raspberry Pi

Rob Bishop, one of engineers involved with the development of the Raspberry Pi, delivers a talk on the educational mission and history behind the Raspberry Pi Foundation and a technical overview of the Raspberry Pi itself. He covers the motivation behind the creation of the Raspberry Pi and shows how the Foundation want to help deliver better computing education to the classroom through the creation of cheap, open computing devices.  

Raspberry Pi’s Eben Upton – Inspiring future generations with open hardware

In a world full of expensive, ‘closed’ consumer devices emerges the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost credit-card sized computer that can be plugged into a TV and a keyboard.   The hope is to see it being used by kids all over the world to learn programming, but it also serves as an ideal platform for hobbyists to try out new ideas.   Eben Upton talks about the transition from large, high performance systems to cheap, low power and potentially disposable hardware.   But what does the future hold for these innovative and disruptive products? Will threats to openness result in…

Raspberry Pi: The Tech Spec!

Ever wondered what the difference between the Raspberry Pi Model A and Raspberry Pi Model B is?   This video shows the spec for both the Raspberry Pi Model A and the Raspberry Pi Model B as well as weight,   February 2013 saw the 1st birthday of the Raspberry Pi. We at IET.tv have been taken back by the versatility and power of such a tiny computer since Eben Upton provided us with an insight to the Raspberry Pi at the IET’s Young Professionals Event at Savoy Place, London, late 2012. With it being the 1st anniversary of the…

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