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MODROBS Proposal 2019

MODERNISATION & REMOVAL OF OBSOLESCENCE (MODROBS)   The scheme aims to modernize and remove obsolescence in the Laboratories / Workshops/ Computing facilities (Libraries are excluded), so as to enhance the functional efficiency of Technical Institutions for Teaching, Training and experimenting purposes.   It also supports new innovations in Class Room and Laboratory / Teaching Technology, development of Lab Instructional Material and appropriate Technology to ensure that the practical work and project work to be carried out by students is contemporary and suited to the needs of the Industry.   The equipment financed under the scheme up to a limit of…


Study components of a real robot and its DH parameters. Forward kinematics and validate using a software (Robo Analyser or any other free software tool). Inverse kinematics of the real robot and validation using any software. Use of open source computer vision programming tool openCV. Image Processing using openCV. Image Processing for color/shape detection. Positioning and orientation of robot arm. Control experiment using available hardware or software. Integration of assorted sensors (IR, Potentiometer, strain gages etc.), micro controllers and ROS (Robot Operating System) in a robotic system. Project work

Team Aqua from Army Institute of Technology, Pune has been awarded with Platinum Award at KPIT Sparkle 2019 at PCCOE, Pune

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that Team Aqua from Army Institute of Technology, Pune has been awarded with Platinum Award at KPIT Sparkle 2019 at PCCOE, Pune. The theme for the 2019 edition was “Energy and Mobility for the Future.” It sought futuristic solutions, based on cutting-edge technologies, to solve problems in areas, such as renewable energy generation, energy storage, energy utilisation and clean, safe, shared, connected, and secure mobility. KPIT Sparkle 2019 received more than 2000 ideas from around 22,000 students across more than 1,100 colleges in India. The Top 30 teams presented working prototypes…

Robotics at Harvard

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences robotics faculty discuss their research and the opportunities they have for making a difference in the world.  

Robolab’s Miniature Industrial Production System (MIPS)

Robolab’s Miniature Industrial Production System (MIPS) enables the trainees to acquire a thorough knowledge in the field of Robotics & Industrial Automation starting from basic theoretical concepts to advanced practical applications.   A combination of Electronics, Mechanical, Control System, Vacuum, Pneumatics, PLC technologies makes the MIPS is a complete platform to learn about the concept and implementation involved in Industrial Automation sector. It includes a variety of sensors, motors, pneumatic components, linear actuators, microcontrollers & PLC etc. to build a miniature manufacturing unit that performs a user-defined task.     For more videos Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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