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Robotic Slug Crawler Vehicle

The SCV (Slug Crawler Vehicle) from the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan relies on a flexible, waterproof “skin” to protect it from the elements while still allowing it to get around.  

Thomas and Janet: first kissing humanoid robots

The first kiss happened back on 27 December 2008, during a robotic performance of several scenes of Phantom of the Opera at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (known as Taiwan Tech). Chyi-Yeu Lin, a mechanical engineering professor, directed the performance in front of a packed house of about 400.  

Robotic Fly Takes Flight

Robert Wood’s robotic flies are currently featured in MOMA’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit in New York. They’re definitely an engineering work of art, as the first insect-sized robots with the ability to lift themselves off the ground.  

Warehouse Robots at Work

IEEE spectrum takes you inside Kiva Systems’ robotic warehouse, where orange robots make inventory move instead of workers. Over time the system becomes increasingly efficient, with the robots learning from the wisdom of the crowd.  

Robotics engineers in the making

City lads come first in Best Teamwork category during Buildthon Robotics Cup held in Goa on Jan 18-19 Using robotics for environment friendly purpose is what this duo aspire for. Meet Arsh Batish and Dhruv Jain, students of DAV Public School, who recently stood first under the Best Teamwork category during Buildthon Robotics Cup held in Goa on January 18-19. Both students of Class IX developed interest in robotics, when their school started taking robotics class once a week during activity club. “Future is the age of technology and robots are going to be an integral part of our lives…

An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural Virginia Tech team and their autonomous vehicles journeyed to Abu Dhabi for an exclusive worldwide competition.

Last winter, a team of engineering graduate students regularly ventured out to Virginia Tech’s Kentland Farm. They’d drive past fields of cows and farmland until they reached a small garage and strip of asphalt. It’s here they’d unload a set of autonomous vehicles: several drones and a ground vehicle. They’d place markers made of tape and tarps on the concrete and set up their laptops and equipment. And then they’d get to testing. By March, they’d trade the cold winds of a Blacksburg winter for the dry heat of the desert. Mickey Cowden, a master’s student studying computer engineering, sits…

Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) – The Innovation Revolution finally hits Indian Schools- A Teacher Writes……

Hectic buzzing throughout summer vacation, routine school work days, weekends and winter break, round the clock (we actually have no clocks – you don’t need them here !) networking with engineers, innovators, mentors, teachers and loads of excited kids across all age groups and backgrounds popping in and out of our first floor 1500 sq. Feet space of dreams, desires and activity ! Yes, that’s our workstation where anyone walks into, with the most outrageous ideas, followed by random grouping, cupboard and boxes being scanned and suddenly, a few minutes later, I am being pulled into different corners and directions…

IROS 2016 – Tae Won Lim – Driving together, Robot and Automobile

Recently, there is an increased interest towards advanced technologies in the automotive industry such as autonomous driving and connectivity. There is a sharp increase in the investment in the related technologies. The future mobility will be based on eco-friendly, high-efficiency and high-safety features. Furthermore, conventional powertrain systems based on combustion engines are expected to be rapidly co-utilized or replaced with various kinds of electrical powertrain systems. Modern vehicles are integrated with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, environmental perceptibility and V2X communication. In their implementation and usage, these technologies are very similar to those used in the robotics field. Therefore,…

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