Robots and Jobs

Robots have an impact on jobs. We have discussed the balance that occurs when some jobs disappear and new jobs appear. However, Doug and I consider whether there is an ethical stance to be taken when individuals lose their jobs.  

Fear of Robots

We like robots but there’s also an element of fear, perhaps stoked by all those books and movies about our new robot overlords. I’m going to speculate a little about where the fear comes from.  

Robots and War – Discussion

I ask Doug Baker what ethics says about robots making autonomous decisions to kill during combat and he responds by explaining the importance of moral agency. We also discuss progress in robotics as measured by Asimov’s three laws.  

Robots and Privacy – Discussion

It is not surprising public concern about robotic aircraft has prompted discussion about the potential to invade our privacy. However you might be surprised to learn our concept of privacy is changing over time and the real issue is autonomy.  

Robotic Cars

More people means more travel. Will our roads cope and are we doomed to a future of increased road rage. Let’s talk about transport and how robots might help.  

Ethics 101 – Part 1

We may often use the term ethics but what does it mean? What is an ethical problem and what is not? Is ethics independent of culture? Here’s a very quick introduction to the principles of ethics.  

Introduction to Robots and the Future

We will discuss some important non-technical aspects of robotics. What are the problems facing our society that robots might help to address? There are lots of tasks that robots could do, but should they? What are the ethical considerations around robots? Why are people scared of robots?  

Forward Dynamics

So far we have worked out the torques on a robot’s joints based on joint position, velocity and acceleration. For simulation we want the opposite, to know its motion given the torques applied to the joints. This is called the forward dynamics problem.  

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