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Centrifugal sprinkler (Sprinkler Straw) Experiment

Centrifugal sprinkler this is a very fun and messy Hands-on experiment (physics, mechanics, inertia, centrifugal force, pump). A straw and a skewer can turn into a pump with a twist of your fingers! Once you have secured anything you want to stay dry, this fun experiment is a good way to introduce centrifugal forces and the principle behind many pumps.


When you spin the straw it forces the water inside to spin. If an object is spinning anything on that object appears to feel a force pushing it outward.


This means that in your straw the water is pushed outward and the only way it can move outward is to move up the straw – it is pumped upwards. If you spin the straw fast enough then water will exit the straw and fly outwards as it is now moving quite fast.


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