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CES Unveiled 2013

New gadgets galore at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show press preview


Amidst the milling hordes at the first big event of the 2013 Consumer
Electronics Show, we spotted some products that immediately appealed to us. Some featured new technology, others clever design. Here’s a look at six of them from the show floor: let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

1. Company: 3M Touch Systems
Product: Prototype 84-inch touch screen
2. Company: Synaptics
Product: ClearPad integrated touch sensor and display
3. Company: Sculpteo
Product: 3D-Printed iPhone cases
4. Company: Goal Zero
Product: Yeti 150 Solar Charger
5. Company: Parrot SA.
Product: Flower Power
6. Company: Siemens
Product: Siemens Aquaris hearing aid


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