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Changes in the engineering curriculum to be made by AICTE in order to create more jobs in India

In an attempt to upgrade the engineering curriculum to meet the demands of the industry and other sectors, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to introduce some major changes in the curriculum followed by the engineering colleges in India. This step is being taken in order to transform the education system and to make Indian students more employable.


Reasons for the sudden change in the curriculum


According to the latest reports, AICTE chairman Anil D Sahasrabudhe said “this was being done considering complaints that nearly 60 per cent of those passing out of technical education institutions are not industry-ready and still require honing.”


The statement came in a recent AICTE sponsored workshop organized at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology. The name of the organized workshop was ‘Teacher Training workshop on E Learning: challenges and opportunities’.


At the workshop Sahasrabudhe said “The Council has taken various initiatives to transform education at all levels.”


How the revision in the engineering curriculum would benefit the Indian engineering students:

  • The students will be more ready than ever to enter into the industry
  • Under the new curriculum, it will be mandatory for the students to intern in the industry for about two to three months, even during the summer vacation, so that they can acquire the skills before they take up the job.


More about the workshop

  • In the workshop Sahasrabudhe said ” Swayam- Free online Education was designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of educational policy– access, equity and quality .”
  • The objective of the platform is to provide the best learning resources.
  • Another objective is to bridge the gap between the students who have not been able to take full advantage of the digitization in the field of education.
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