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Characteristics of Flowers

Flowers, the reproductive organs of all plants, distinguish flowering plants (angiosperms) from seed plants (gymnosperms). Flowers that contain either male or female parts are called imperfect, while those with both are called perfect flowers. The stamen is the male reproductive part that is comprised of a yellow anther that features a sac full of pollen, and the delicate, long stem it rests on, called the filament. The female reproductive part is the pistil that is usually found in the center of a flower. It is comprised of three parts–the upper sticky part that catches and traps pollen is the stigma; the tubular part called style that supports the stigma; and the lower part that contains the ovule is called the ovary. The ovule develops into the seed when fertilized by pollen grains. Self-pollinating or hermaphroditic plants contain both male and female flower parts.


This video explains the characteristics of some flowers.


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