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Product Innovation Lab

Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering and Technology, Pune.Established on 25th November 2016

As part of the Academia collaboration program, 3DPLM has set up Product Innovation Labs at Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering and Technology, Pune(PVGCOET).

This lab is equipped with the state of art equipment (including 3D Printer, Robots and new technology equipment) and DASSAULT Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. During his inaugural address, Sudarshan Mogasale, CEO of 3DPLM Software Solutions and Hemant Gadgil, Director Learning Solutions Group and Academia Programs – 3DPLM Software Solutions, shared their views about how education plays an important role in realisation of transformation to be achieved in India. They also explained how 3DEXPERIENCE platform is enabling innovators around the globe to visualize, collaborate and build the future products in real time. They stressed upon the use of Product Innovation Labs by students and professors to get familiar with the upcoming technologies, its utilization for innovation and new product development and to gain hands-on experience on domains on which Indian Industries are expected to work upon.

The key idea behind these labs is to promote “Learn by Doing” , inculcate problem solving skills specially for multi-disciplinary problems and motivate students / professors to experiment, simulate – evaluate different solutions / approaches to address specific problems and bring innovative solutions, thereby learn through practical approach. Through these labs we wish to build Product Innovation Culture among students and faculty community & encourage ‘R&D – Academia-Industry’ collaboration. The ‘Product Innovation Lab’ will be open for community usage comprising of students, faculty members of the college and industries in the region to explore new product innovations. Technical experts from Robolab Technologies, 3DPLM and Dassault Systemes are supporting this lab.

3DPLM Software Solutions Ltd (3DPLM) is a joint venture between Geometric & Dassault Systèmes. 3DPLM and Robolab Technologies are actively working with many engineering colleges and universities in India for Industry-Academia connect in which the primary interest is to help academia to embrace new technologies as part of Engineering Education.

As part of the arrangement, Robolab Technologies, PVGCOET Pune, and 3DPLM would like to invite industries in the region to connect with these labs to share their problems and collaborate with professors and researchers to find innovative solutions using the infrastructure and expertise available at this lab.

Activities done under this lab

  1. Training to a student on 3DExperience Platform where they undergo following modules like Part design, Assembly, Mechanism Design, Dymola Behavior Modeling, Simulia, and Delmia. Training is conducted at College under the mentorship of 3DPLM
  2. These selected students undergoes Dassault certification.
  3. Training on lego kit as an audit course.
  4. Project and product development for a final year project.
  5. Support and training to students to participate in Akruti competition.

Faculty Team:

  • Prof. M. C. Nagoshe
  • Prof. P. G. Kulkarni
  • Prof. M. M. Kamble
  • Prof. A. P. Kaldate
  • Prof. V. S. Chavan

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