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DR. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence in Robotics and Automation

Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad.Established on 15th October 2014

The ROBOLAB known as Dr. A. P. J.  Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence in Robotics and Automation was inaugurated on the very special occasion of the 83rd birth anniversary of Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at the hands of Shri S. Chalama Reddy (Chairman), Shri S. Jagan Mohan Reddy (Director) and Dr. V. Chandra Mouli (Principal), Sphoorthy Engineering College.

This year, massive participation from students as well as faculties in the field of Robotics and its Research. Students represented their institute at various competitions, exhibitions, paper presentations and have secured funding of worth 2.5CR from DST for innovations and research

This was the 2nd year for the Robotics Lab at Sphoorthy Engineering College Campus. Some the the projects and technologies that were developed in house included the following

1. Six legged robot with weight shifting gait
2. 3 Axes enabled wood drilling machine
3. Stuart platform based automatic stamping robot
4. Miniature Industrial Robotic Arm
5. Bluetooth Operated Humanoid
6. Smart phone operated Robot
7. Hex crawler robot AKA All Terrain Robot
8. I Won’t Fall
9. Gesture Controlled Robot
10. Hexacopter having massive payload capacity
11. And Smart home application based on Internet of Things (IoT)

The training  had student enrollment from  Mechanical, Electronics Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering Departments

This Robolab has now completed one successful year in giving students traction to their theoretical knowledge on a practical basis. It presented students an opportunity to excel in their engineering career opening a new door for conducting extensive research work. The Robolab has also given birth to a unique robotics club in Sphoorthy College which is a group of robotics enthusiast who work in this lab facility.

This year started on a good note with major projects at Spoorthy Engineering College for a new batch of enthusiastic students who indulged in the robotics activity with a whole heart. Altogether 50 students learned and completed their major projects under the guidance of expert faculty from Robolab Technologies.

Students were split into group of four and choose their own projects according to their interests, following are few of them:

1. Firefighting robot
2. Semi-automatic 3D CNC machine model
3. Factory automation robot
4. Rocker-bogie mechanism robot
5. Omni-directional robot

These projects had student enrollment from departments – mechanical, electronics, telecommunications, electrical, computer and IT.

The Robolab is the hub of inter-branch activities in the field of Robotics in the college. Established in association with and under the guidance of experts from Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the lab serves as an excellent platform for the students of all the branches to implement their ideas. The Robolab is an open to all place, handled and managed by the students.

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