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DENSITY – Will a can of coke float? Experiment

The density of water will vary slightly depending on its temperature. So how do we make the coke float? With the can of Coke still submerged in the water. Since the density of the unopened can of Coke is fixed, the only thing we can change is the liquid in which to float the Coke. This liquid would need to have a specific gravity greater than the specific gravity of the can of Coke. What liquid can we use? So I will start adding containers of salt. Each container of salt is 26 oz 737g. It ended up taking 1 and half containers of salt.


As for the 12.5lb bowling ball, it took 3 and half containers of salt.
I knew the can of coke was going to float as I have done this experiment many times, but I have never made a bowling ball float. It ended up taking 3 and half containers of salt.


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