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Determination of Concentration of KMnO4 Solution using Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate

Titration is a common laboratory method of qualitative chemical analysis that can be used to determine the unknown concentration of a solution (analyte). The basis of this process is the reaction between the analyte and a solution of unknown concentration (standard solution). The titration based on oxidation and reduction reaction between the titrant and analyte is called Redox titration. Oxidation is the process of the addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen/electron and reduction involves the process of addition of hydrogen/electrons or removal of oxygen. In redox systems, the titration method can be adopted to determine the strength of a reductant/oxidant using a redox sensitive indicator. Redox titrations involving potassium permanganate are called permanganometric titrations. In these reactions, permanganate ions acts as the self indicator.


This video explains how to determine the strength of potassium permanganate solution by titrating it against a standard solution of Ferrous ammonium sulphate (Mohr’s salt).


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