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Dobot Arm Help Paralyzed Kid Learn and Play

Not in the original plan, our team has received a couple of inquiries from parents whose children with special needs might benefit from the functionalities of Dobot. A 12-year old girl Maja from Porec in Croatia started showing progressive symptoms of tetraplegia and dystonia from the age of 4 and soon her abilities to talk and move deteriorated. When her mother reached out, the team quickly decided to donate a Dobot as a gift to help her study and play. With Dobot’s multiple control systems, the smart arm will be able to help more kids like Maja to draw, write and play music on keyboards, helping to bring their creativity to life and explore the joy of learning.


The story is quite inspiring and we hope to share the positive energy and optimistic spirit here with you. Dobot Arm is based on Arduino and open source, if you’re a maker or interested in programming, we call every creative person you knew to develop more applications for Maja and anyone else that likes her story to bring this family a little bit of help and joy! If you could kindly spread it across your circle to let more brilliant people help the little angel, that would be profoundly appreciated.


Dobot arm is the first desktop level robotic arm with up to 0.2mm high repeat precision. It features industrial-standard accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at a highly competitive price. Every home could have chance to get one to enjoy the joy of it! It’s a big pleasure that if Dobot Arm could bring even a little bit of the help and fun for the kids like Maja!!


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