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Educational Robots Help Build STEM Skills

UBTECH Robotics has launched a new line of Jimu Robot kits designed to enhance the STEM skills and interest of kids ages 8-14. The Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit, Explorer Kit and Inventor Kit allow kids to build robots such as penguins, rhinos, elephants and humanoids. The programming is done with Blockly code in the companion Jimu Robot App.



There’s also an online Jimu community, UBTECH says, where kids can share their creations and check out what other users have created. There will be instructions on how to build, program and control Jimu Robots in both the online community and app.


Here’s more on each of the kits, which will be available at select retailers and on

Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit: At $149.99, this kits comes with everything needed to build the Buzzbot or Muttbot robots, including six servo motors and 271 snap-together interlocking parts and connectors.

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