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EPIC Naked Egg fold, toss and shape! (Rubber Egg, Bouncy Egg)

If you have done the Naked egg experiment before, your going to love this experiment, as we take it to the next level.


Only different on set up is you use a pushpin to make holes on both ends of the egg. Then use a skewer to break yolk. Be careful not to break the shell. Then use Vinegar or CLR (See below where to buy) CRL will remove the shell in under 2 hours, where vinegar takes 24 to 48 hours. (See Lighting FAST Naked Egg video below) You will never use vinegar again.


Then blow out over the sink the yolk and then put in vinegar/CRL. Since the egg is empty I hold it under the solution to fill it up so it will stay under the solution. You can also use a spoon.


Once the shell is off then lightly squeeze out the solution and tap with paper towel. Now it should be almost dry. Take baby power or flour (which I used) and put some on the outside of the egg and your hand. Try to get some inside the egg without ripping the hole. This will help it not stick together.


Now your ready to fold the egg down and start tossing it up on your hand. Since the egg membrane has two holes in it from the pushpin when you toss it now will allow air back inside the membrane and will fill out to the egg shape. Repeat this over and over. It my option this experiment is so much fun.


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