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EPSON LS3 y LS6 Robots Scara

The LS series of EPSON robots was created as a low-cost solution for factories that seek maximum value without sacrificing performance.


Although EPSON SCARA robots of the LS series were created with low cost in mind, they are assembled with the same performance and reliability expected by our customers. Everything from high-performance motion control through our PowerDrive technology to integrated options such as: guidance by vision system, network connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus, input and output expansion cards, and much more are available for SCARA robots. the LS series. With compatible ISO4 models available for medical, semiconductor and other particle sensitive applications.


EPSON SCARA robots of the LS series are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of space in the factories of today, by providing a solution of reduced size with a superior work area.


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