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EPSON RS3 with Vision Guidance (RS3-351SSR Scara)

The RS3 is showing how it allows for multiple pallets to be spread across the entire work envelope, maximizing the use of valuable floor space. It demonstrates high speed transfer using shortest movements possible. We are demonstrating the ability to shuttle in multiple components in pallets to assemble a single part. The base design allows for additional processing stations to be bolted up to the system. Not shown but included would be a screw driving system, a pressure testing system and a labeling system. The robot is using vision guidance to determine the exact location of the sub-components for assembly. The robot system also tests spring load on each part using torque feedback in the robot. Since the robot has the ability to rotate 450 degrees on each joint weve incorporated a unique vision cabling method to prevent the cable from wrapping up around the robot arm during motion. The machine is using EPSON’s compact RC180 controller.


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