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Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering. The team Provides services for Robotics Automation laboratories and establishment, conduct workshops on trending technologies, Industrial Projects. To establish Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd as the hub of Robotics Education and Industrial Automation in the world. To take technology to the masses & help them and society develop skills & intellectual capital & advance in the field of Robotics and Automation. We aim to establish highly advanced & state-of-the art Robotics labs all over India and abroad. To incorporate robotics to solve defense, industrial, domestic and other socio-economic problems. To manufacture humanoid robot within next 5 years. To start manufacturing industrial robots for production lines applications in next 5 years. To transform RTPL’s educational division into a global market leader in providing student centric experiential learning robotic software & hardware tools & industrial division into a strong back bone for automation needs. Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and are incubated by BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation Centre of the College of Engineering Pune. RTPL came into existence out of the rigorous efforts of its founders as an attempt to transform the Educational facilities in the country and to provide a better platform to the students to nurture their skills & talent and to create employment for the youth. Instead of taking up lucrative jobs, the founders choose to start up a company. We are technology driven company, with current offerings in education and industrial sectors. We are a company of enduring strength. We visualize the ideas of our clients in our research and development efforts. We remain focused on our prime objective to deliver high quality solution to our clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies. We are incubated company of the College Of Engineering Pune [COEP] and the Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership [BIEL] and are having Mr. Sanjay Inamdar as mentor and guide. Mr. Sanjay Inamdar is himself a distinguished Entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Flucon Industries and is also the head of the Entrepreneurship cell of COEP. Robolab Technologies is tie up with Janatics Pneumatics and Universal Equipments. Their Partners are Bhau Institute, College Of Engineering Pune, Ignited Innovators of India (i2i),
ROBOLAB ROBOLAB “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots” -Advanced state of the art technical research facility within campus -Hands on practical experience along with required theory -Consolidation of concepts -Industry- institute Interaction -Standard guidelines and essentials -Superior quality and Advanced robot study platforms -Training by Industry Experts And last but not the least -Affordable excellence with Quick Return on Investment Robolab is your very own, on campus, centre of Excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation, tailor made for you. Equipped with all the advanced technologies used in industries, the Robolab offers training courses consistent with the latest curricula and the industry requirements. Thus, functioning as the perfect platform for its users (students as well as teachers) to explore, learn, build and share their ideas. We believe in providing innovative and interactive training by industry experts and deliver the same while establishing the Robolab. This empowers the trainees to manage the Robolab in future. Our planned ROI model ensures the educational as well as financial returns. Having Robolab has its own perks! We have some standard Robolab offerings and we also customize as per the needs of the institute. About Company Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) in association with the BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation centre of the College of Engineering Pune[COEP]. 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They’re awesome places to work—and they’re all hiring right now! pioneer and industry leader in the mobile-gaming landscape, creating “We’re always thinking about new features to delight and engage our players—about what can come next—it’s really inspiring,” “We’re a fast-paced company and we’re always changing and disrupting the EdTech space,” “We’re always thinking about new features to delight and engage our players—about what can come next—it’s really inspiring,” “We’re a fast-paced company and we’re always changing and disrupting the EdTech space,” “Technology changes often, but we’re able to predict trends before they happen,” “It’s exciting to know that we have a pulse on what’s occurring in the market.” "The people I get to work with blow my mind on a regular basis—it's remarkable how much talent they've packed into this building," “Robolab is a ‘Yes’ environment. If you have an idea, put it on the table, and it will be part of the conversation,” “You look at the company—you look at the impact it’s making on the world,” “There’s an attitude of wanting to give back and an understanding that you’re making a difference.” “Wherever the market moves, we’re not only going to be there—we’ll be at the forefront,” In order to keep the company moving forward, Robolab’s leadership is supportive, fast-paced, and trusting. Team members are given complete ownership of their day-to-day tasks, because the company’s management is confident that the people brought on board will strive to reach the goals set out by leaders. "Robolab is innovative in how we do the loan process. 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It’s a big thing, and something to take pride in,” The company has continued to introduce innovative items, “One of the best things about Jive’s culture is it feels like we all truly believe in the mission,” “It’s amazing to be part of a company that delivers innovative solutions while also operating in an innovative technology,” “It’s an honor to work with extremely talented, driven, and fun co-workers.” Robolab has a real commitment to the ever-changing landscape of the digital environment,” “It’s the nature of these changes that keeps our problem-solving creative and fresh.” Competitors Jay Robotix Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh Robotic Labs and training 1)Roboguru-Programming software to understand logical part of programming. 2)Activity Book Headquarters at singapore Jay Robotics Club Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh Trainings and Competitions Thinklabs technosolutions Pv. ltd Mumbai Robotics products for school and college students acquired by fitbitz Eyantra IIT bombay,Mumbai Robotics Training to Teachers, Advise for establishing Robotics Lab Robotics Competitions Robosapiens Noida,UP and training centres all over training focusing on education solutions, covering Robotics Education R&D in Robotics, embedded Systems, Quadcopter etc. (DSM) designing, supplying and maintenance of Robotics Lab equipments. 1)DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits to engineering colleges and schools. 2)online courses Roboversity Bangalore Provides workshops,training programs,online project based courses 1)Robotics online project based courses 2)Summer, winter training workshops 3)Online courses 4)Robotics competitions Robotech labs New Delhi Robotic Products for schools,colleges and hobbyists- both online and offline 1)Six month industrial training 2)Robotics Workshops Asimov robotics cochin,Kerela engineering products solutions sak robotix lab Bhubaneshwar,Odisha Educational Robotics, technology, innovation, Research & consulting 1)free online live robotics classes 2)Robotix club 3)Worshops for schools and colleges 4)customized training 5)National level robotics product challenge Technogravity solutions Mumbai STEM based educational solutions to various Schools and Institutes 1)Training Tie-up with many Educational organisations & student activity centers across Mumbai 2)Active in engineering technical festivals as Sponsors and Exhibitors 3)Newsletter that provides news updates, technical articles, new technologies etc 4)Privilege card offering discounts on products,workshops and various courses. 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Something to study for us SP Robotics Chennai Trainings for age group 11-17, Product shop Funded by IAN - 2 Crores in March 2016 EduTech Lego kits lab for schools and NAO and ABB robots for Colleges All India Council for Robotics & Automation Kuka Robotics RobotixEdu an annual robotics training and competition for 8 to 22 year olds SLS institute of Creative mind Bengaluru Provide projects for colleges and trainings to school Indian Robotix League Provide training to School children (4th to 12th) and conduct competitions Fablab MIT Greyorange Robotics has 92% marketshare in warehouse automation is moving into medical and automotive sectors Android robo Free robolab to schools, robolab for colleges, separate courses Akshara foundation Collaboration with Lego for Robotics Scraplabs Milagrow Humantech Domestic robots replacing human labour. Planning to move into establishing robolabs robolabz Delhi Schools robolabs and Online courses and videos 1. online courses 2. 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Being members of the Robot Study Circle, a college group dedicated to robotics at CoEP, we were passionate about building robots. Although we were specialising in electronics and telecommunications, robotics brought out the best in us. When the time approached for graduation in 2013, the thought of having to give up our hobby was depressing. So, the idea to start Robolab in November 2013 was born out of the desire to stay true to our calling," said Deshmukh. ,As successful as their venture has become, Gulhane and Deshmukh remain grounded and haven't forgotten the encouragement they received from their mentors. Robolab was incubated at CoEP in partnership with BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), "We are thankful to people like Sanjay Inamdar, who's one of the council members of BIEL and a successful entrepreneur himself. He taught us business strategy and guided us in our journey as fledgling entrepreneurs," said Deshmukh. Other mentors who played a key role in Robolab's success were Anil Sahasrabudhe, former director of CoEP, Dr B B Ahuja, director of CoEP and Dr Shantipal Ohol, professor and robotics labincharge at CoEP. Inamdar, who's an alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University spoke of the young entrepreneurs in glowing terms. "I feel Amol and Pratik have robotics in their blood these boys would spend hours at the robotics lab at CoEP. I took time to mentor them because their idea had ,promise and robotics is just the thing India needs to develop as a nation," said Inamdar. ,And it seems Robolab's initiative is being perpetuated at the right time. It is predicted that robotics investments in India is expected to grow as leading global manufacturers of robots such as Kuka Robotics, ABB and Fanuc from Germany, Japan and Switzerland respectively have set up facilities in the country. Also, given the fact that India is transforming into an automobile hub, one of the primary drivers for robotics and the automation industry, the future of robotics looks bright. Needless to say, Robolab is also gearing up to make most from this opportunity. "We want our company to be a onestop shop for robotics the plan is to get into manufacturing industrial robots in the next six years," said Gulhane confidently. Given their track record so far, you know these boys means business. ROCKING THE BOT By Ashwin Khan, Pune Mirror | Jul 17, 2016, 02.30 AM IST Rocking the bot (From top) Members of RSC spend most of their time building bots and socialise amongst themselves; Amphibious Robot; Wall-climbing Robot; Fish Robot. PIC: MAHENDRA KOLHE The Robot Study Circle is pushing the envelope creating bots with a wide range of applications Members of Robot Study Circle (RSC), the elite robotics club of College of Engineering, Pune, (CoEP), are busy working on robots of all shapes and sizes. Their concentration is intense as they build a rig for a robot that is being designed to move on a basketball. At the other end of the room, a student displays the ingenuity of a massive bot that can hit a shuttlecock with pinpoint accuracy with a badminton racquet. Going by the advanced mechanical capabilities of their bots, it's clear that these robotics enthusiasts take their hobby seriously. "We don't like to rest on our laurels. We strive to build more advanced robots," said 21-year-old Anuj Phegade, secretary of RSC. A few months ago, Phegade watched with joy as his team's Badminton Robot bagged the 2nd place at one of the most challenging robotics competitions in the country — National Robocon 2016, organised in the city. The robot plays badminton. According to Amol Gulhane, CEO of Robolab Technologies, a city-based robotics company, some of the best robots in the state are created by RSC. "One such instance, BDDS Robot, which can be used for defence and surveillance purposes. Its onboard electronics and camera allows the device to function as a surveillance robot. Fitted with six wheels, the bot can navigate any terrain," he said. Every other creation at RSC has a purpose, insist the young makers. Phegade, who's a fourth-year student of electronics engineering, speaks excitedly about some of the latest state-of-the-art bots his team is currently working on. Pointing towards a robot that looked somewhat like a metallic stretcher, he said: "That's the Railway Track Detection Robot. It was built for the purpose of detecting cracks on railway tracks. The robot uses motors and pneumatics for movement." As of now, railway officials manually check for damaged tracks, but when this prototype, which is capable of video transmission, becomes fully functional, it will save them all that time and effort. "My seniors built the robot in January this year with the cooperation of the Indian Railways, which let them use the railway track at Ghorpadi railway yard," shared Phegade. According to 21-year-old Akshay Kulkarni, a fourth-year student of mechanical engineering, it takes more than just technical skills to build such complicated robots. Kulkarni works closely with Phegade to ensure the smooth running of RSC, and believes that only people who are "obsessed with robotics" can fit in the club. Little wonder then that the group is fastidious about the commitment people have towards robotics — they have even devised a logical and technical test to gauge the aptitude of students who wish to join the club. "RSC runs with minimum supervision. And that's possible because students join the club purely for the love of robotics," smiled Dr S S Ohol, professor of mechanical engineering, CoEP, who has been instrumental in mentoring students interested in robotics ever since the club was started 11 years ago. Ask the youngsters if their "obsession" gives them any time for a social life, and the answer is prompt. "Yes, most of the members of RSC are toppers in class. Even at CoEP we are viewed as technocrats, but that doesn't mean we don't have a social life. We socialise amongst ourselves," laughed Kulkarni, adding that RSC members spend close to 10-hours every day at the club, even during weekends. One of Kulkarni's favourite robots is a cylindrical shaped Mini Robot built for surveillance purposes — it is so small that you can cradle it in your hands. "We started work on this robot sometime last year. It was a challenge to compress all the parts into one body — the robot is fitted with a camera and can be controlled via Bluetooth," beamed Kulkarni. Meanwhile his juniors are working on a cleaning bot — their aim is to build robots that can deal with the human environment with efficiency. Prabhakar Naik, a third-year student of mechanical engineering, explained: "This robot has a vacuum unit designed to suck dust via a nozzle attached to it. It has a built in unit to segregate garbage and has a compartment that can dispense water mixed with detergent. The cleaning bot will eventually be attached with a mop and a layer of sponge for cleaning surfaces." According to Kulkarni, not every member of RSC will go on to work in the field of robotics. "These engineers are getting ready to join different industries like the automobile and manufacturing industry. There is no compulsion for us to strictly stick to robotics, but learning about it will give us an all-round exposure — and the future is going to be automated, so the knowledge gained here will come in very handy," said Kulkarni. Along with robotics, they also learn to work in a team early on in life by being a part of the club. The freedom to innovate at RSC has also led to the birth of the award-winning Amphibious Robot that won the Forbes Marshall Best Project Award in the city in 2015. "Our seniors built the bot. It's indeed an honour to get this recognition," said Kulkarni proudly. Carrying that spirit of innovation forward is 21-year-old Shreyas Pethe, a second-year student of metallurgy, who is trying to figure out the dynamics of balancing a robot on a basketball. He is accompanied by Manthan Pawar, a second-year student of production. "The concept behind the design is that a robot can move more efficiently atop a ball. We are using omni wheels (these are wheels which are perpendicular to the turning direction because of which they move with full force in any direction) fitted to a rig to control the direction of the basketball using motors," explained Pethe. The boys haven't yet decided what sort of robot they are going to build to go with the contraption, but Pawar gives us a hint: "It could be anything — we might build a surveillance robot or a bot that can help people to carry their baggages." Some of the robots adorning the big room in which members of RSC meet were built by former students of CoEP who have now all graduated, but the bots aren't gathering dust as one would suppose. "We believe in improving upon the robots designed by our seniors," said Kulkarni. A case in point is the Fish Robot — its earlier version, made around three years ago, had a plastic body, but it now sports a metallic frame. "The Fish Robot has an aluminum casting and it can be controlled via Bluetooth. It also has a built in pump that can suck in water to make itself heavy by which it can submerge itself and move like a submarine," pointed out Kulkarni. It can be used to collect water samples and for surveillance purposes. At RSC, which is funded by CoEP, students are allowed to experiment apart from building bots with a wide range of applications. Interestingly, robotics is only an elective subject at CoEP. But the youngsters are hooked on to it. "I love the club because it gives me an opportunity to learn things that aren't there in my textbooks," said Pethe. So, to nurture such fervent passion, CoEP has decided to let the RSC lab remain open for 24 hours. Clearly, the results are showing — one glance at the many trophies won at robotics competitions, and the students brainstorming to build better bots, you know this is indeed a special club. The robot hall of fame Amphibious Robot: The bot can be mobile on water (float propulsion) as well as on land. It moves fast and efficiently using a fourwheel drive and can navigate any terrain with its robust wheels. The noteworthy features of the bot are its use of propeller-driven motor for water propulsion and effective use of pneumatics and motors. Wall-climbing Robot: The bot looks like a metallic spider and can walk both horizontally and vertically. Its mechanism is made effective by the use of linkages — it is driven by two motors. Fish Robot: Its design is inspired by how fish swim. The robot has ballast pockets for control of depth similar to a submarine and was mainly built for collecting water samples and surveillance. Student entrepreneurs prefer promoting robotics than taking up lucrative jobs – I am in dna of India up-lucrative-jobs-2088227 company sets up a full-fledged lab which enables 45 students to work on different projects at a time. The total cost of investment is around Rs 15 lacks. Three alumni of the College of Engineering Pune have set up their own company, despite getting job offers worth Rs 9 to 10 lacks per annum. Sarang Kamble, 23, Pratik Deshmukh, 23, and Amol Gulhane, 24, started their own company ‘Robolab’ which sets up robotic laboratories across colleges in India. As only 10 to 15 colleges in India have separate robotics laboratory, the group decided to start a company which provides basic equipments for interested colleges. Gulhane while speaking with iamin said, "We thought over business ideas related to robotics because it is a growing field in the country. There are many colleges in India which do not have a proper robotics lab; they use old equipments and theories which discourage students to opt for robotics and automation,” explained. The company sets up a full-fledged lab which enables 45 students to work on different projects at a time. "In our lab, we have three sections; electronics, mechanical and pneumatics. The software is installed in laptops/desktops, as per the college requirement. The total cost of investment is around Rs 15 lacks. Resources provided are sufficient to last for minimum of two years," said Gulhane. "The outdated syllabus and books used for robotics is also a reason for students failing to go for this subject. Sometimes the college faculty has less knowledge on the equipments in the labs. We provide training to the faculty and students after the installation of the lab and provide with five model robots for help," said Gulhane. The trio has set up such labs in two engineering colleges; one in Hyderabad and the other in Punjab. Currently they have ongoing projects in Pune, Jharkhand and Ghaziabad. The trio learnt the basics of entrepreneurship with the help of Anil Sahasrabudhe, CoEP Director and city-based industrialists Sanjay Inamdar and Narendra Kale. The trio have decided to operate from Pune, despite being from different cities. Startup Story # 19: Robolabs, Catalysts of Educational Change Zeenat Tinwala Robolab Founders Graduating from a renowned engineering college in Pune and being placed in companies with a high denomination salary, wasn’t the road to happiness for Pratik Deshmukh and Amol Gulhane. These engineering students decided to tread the path filled with risks and challenges to launch their startup called Robolab Technologies. The founders explain, “With Robolab we intend to establish robotics and automation labs in engineering colleges and schools across the country. Leveraging our vast knowledge and experience, we expose students to current technologies being adopted and used by leading business houses and industries, making them industry ready.” The venture grew out of their love for robotics and realising the need for a startup such as Robolab. Being a part of the Robot study club, one of the 52 student managed clubs that COEP harbours, their talent was nurtured. “We were inducted into the club by our seniors, who then trained us in robotics and technical working. This made us realise our true passion, and as we took part in competitions across India and won awards for the same, our motivation increased. If we wanted to do something, we realised that is the platform that we could leverage,” explains Deshmukh. MIRA: (Miniature Industrial Robotics Arm) Smartphone controlled Industrial robotics arm MIRA: (Miniature Industrial Robotics Arm) Smartphone controlled Industrial robotics arm It was a tough call to make, with parents advising the duo, to take on the lucrative jobs they were being offered instead of starting out on their own. But, Deshmukh and Gulhane took the plunge into the world of startups. “We love robotics, and being placed in a company is a good option. But, we thought why do something we aren’t interested in? We rather solve a genuine problem,” says Deshmukh. By “genuine problem”, Deshmukh meant the lack of facilities and opportunities to study and work on robotics. He adds, “There are 3,500 engineering colleges in India. Yet, the number of institutes having world class labs like we enjoyed, can be counted on your fingertips.” After an exhaustive round of research and surveys, the co-founders concluded that due to lack of these opportunities, a student’s full potential could not be reached. This is where Robolab comes in, providing a platform which would mentor a group of students from an institute and empower them, to be self-sufficient for the future. “There has been a rising culture of engineering students outsourcing their projects by paying money. We want to change that,” says Deshmukh. The Robolab Team The Robolab Team The hunger to transform the educational facilities in the country made them approach their institute’s director a day before their examinations. Seeing potential, Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd became the first incubated company of the COEP and the BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL). With a clientele consisting of educational institutes, this startup builds the lab and continues their association for a year after. Deshmukh elaborates, “We assist them further to make sure the machines work. Humanoid: Mind controlled Humanoid robot. Humanoid: Mind controlled Humanoid robot. Also, we take 30 students from the institute and train them ourselves.” Recognising this as an opportunity that every student must avail of, Gulhane says, “This basically translates to activity based learning. We even work with schools now, as robotics has several added benefits. It helps the child for decision making, builds group activity qualities and enhances their creativity as well.” Starting off in Pune in 2013 provided to be beneficial as “accessing hardware here is so much easier.” The budding entrepreneurs would like to position Robolab Technologies as a training company for the next 10 years and later venture into product selling, as their long-term objective. Zeenat Tinwala She’s our Employee #1 and is often the first to come in and last to leave office. And she’s an accomplished kickboxer. Stay clear! Transforming Educational Facilities through Robotics Amol Gulhane, Chief Executive Officer and Pratik Deshmukh, Director, Robolab share with Elets News Network (ENN) about Robolab’s journey, the challenges faced, benefits of their solutions and much more Amol Gulhane, Chief Executive Officer, Robolab Amol Gulhane, Chief Executive Officer, Robolab Share the reasons behind starting the venture. Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and incubated by BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation Centre of the College of Engineering, Pune. Robolab Technologies came into existence as an attempt to transform the educational facilities in the country, to provide a better platform to the students for nurturing their skills & talent, and to create employment for youth. We thought over business ideas related to robotics because it is our passion and is one of the most growing yet neglected fields in the country. There are many schools and colleges in India which do not have a proper robotics lab. They use old and improper equipments and theories which discourage students to opt for robotics and automation. The outdated syllabus and books used for robotics is also a reason for students failing to go for this subject. Sometimes, the faculty does not have proper knowledge of the equipments in the labs. Pratik Deshmukh, Director, Robolab We provide training to the faculty and students after installation of the labs, and five model robots for help. While the hardware products involve making robots, the software services enable students to create application that can operate robots. However, we faced the following challenges: Lack of long-term solution to teach Robotics in schools and colleges; Lack of proper guidelines and curriculum; Existing market players focus on short duration courses; Lack of qualified faculties is a big hindrance; Institutions are interested but could not find trustworthy partner for long-term solution. What are the various difficulties/hurdles encountered in doing business on ground level? We have encountered with the following challenges: Perception about Robotics and Robotics Lab: Many schools and colleges purchase some toys and kits, and put them in a room which is opened only for visitors and guests and they call it the Robotics Lab. Not utilised by students to the extent it can be: These toys/kits fails to create the necessary hunger or interest in students to pursue it passionately and seriously. Just a Showcase: We refuse to work with clients who wants to set-up Robolab just to get some monetary benefits only and not for the welfare of students. Acquisition time is high: Even though everyone we meet likes the idea of having Robolab at their campus, but the final decision takes some time which could have been properly utilised for the betterment of the students. What is the market size of the services offered by you in India at present? According to 6Wresearch, a global market research and consulting firm specialises in niche and emerging markets, the total global market size for robotics in education is nearly $500 million. We have the potential customers from: Schools: 13,00,000+ Colleges: Diploma and Art and Science Colleges – 8000+ Engineering: 4000+ What are the major benefits for organisations/individuals adopting your solutions? Our clients can get the benefits in the form of: Advanced state-of-the-art technical research facility within campus; Hands on practical experience along with required theory; Consolidation of concepts; Industry-institute interaction; Standard guidelines and essentials; Superior quality kits and robot study platforms; Training by industry experts; Economical with quick return on investment. The vision of your company for next two years. To become a global company providing Robotics and Automation Services and Solutions; To take technology to the masses and help them and society develop skills & intellectual capital, and advance in the field of Robotics and Automation; Set up at-least 100 robotics labs (RoboLabs) pan India; Reach at-least 20000 students from Schools and Engineering. What are the various methods you are using to increase the visibility of your organisation? By going the extra mile for each customer to cater to their needs to the fullest of our capability; Complete satisfaction of our earlier clients (word of mouth recommendations); Delivering seminars, demonstrations and lectures on Robotics and Automation; Website, social media, emails, etc; Attending and presenting ideas in various conferences. How you can differentiate your services from your competitors? Quality of training as well as kits; Intuitive kits and material; Continuous feedback and round the clock support system; Proper documentation of each and everything; Highly economical solution. How do you engage the customers? Any special case study? Here is a case study. Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand The school management was looking for a technology partner for establishing a robotics lab at the campus. They tried their contacts and got quotations from them. Many of the established companies in the domain had also submitted their proposals. Just to have more options to choose from, they were digging data about companies who offers similar solutions. They got to know about us through a simple Google search. They contacted us the same day and arranged a meeting with the Hemlata S Mohan, Director and management team. During the first meeting itself. They liked the customised part of the Robolab, along with student centric approach of the training. And against all odds and big established firms, we got the order and successfully established the Robolab and delivered trainings at their campus. The Management as well as trainees were well satisfied and recommended us to their counterparts. What are the major stakeholders and sectors you are focusing on? Robotics education and training; Robotics solutions for industries and defence industrial, domestic and other socio-economic problems; Innovations in robotics and industrial automation. What are the various initiatives taken by your organisation to emerge as a market leader? Never compromise with quality of training and kits provided; Cater to customer’s needs to the fullest of our abilities and competence; Free seminars, demonstrations and lectures to increase the awareness amongst students, parents and teachers. Government of India GoI: Skill India,Digital India,India Gov,Make In India,My GOV,,,Planning Commission,Skill India ATAL TINKERING LABS Companies who provide material listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs Companies who provide training listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs Companies who provide training listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs monthly programs to teach and explain students about different concepts – ranging from ideation, design, proto-typing, networking to physical computing. Companies who provide training listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs Periodic regional and national level competitions. Companies who provide training listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs Periodic exhibitions / fairs / carnivals. Companies who provide training listed in ATL Atal Tinkering Labs Workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products. 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Ltd. to further innovation among school children. Atal Tinkering Labs' initiative is a part of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), which is an umbrella platform to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in India. 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Rajiv Gandhi Govt Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra Jammu: 1. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University,Katra 2. Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri 3. Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora Jharkhand: 1. Techno India Chaibasa 2. Techno India Dhumka 3. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi 4. University College of Engineering and Technology (UCET), Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag 5. Techno India Ramgarh Madhya Pradesh: 1. Madhav Institute of Technology & Science Gwalior 2. Rewa Engineering College 3. Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Engg. College, Vidisha(M.P.) 4. Shri G S Institute of Technology & Science, Indore 5. Ujjain Engineering College MP 6. Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal 7. Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur Manipur: 1. Manipur Institute of Technology (Manipur University’s constituent college), West Imphal Odisha: 1. VSSUT, Burla 2. CET Bhubneshwar 3. GEC Kalahandi 4. GEC Keonjhar 5. IGIT Sarang 6. PMEC Berhmpur Rajasthan: 1. College of Dairy & Food Science Technology, MPUAT Udaipur(Rajasthan) 2. Government Engg college Bikaner 3. Govt. Engg. College, Jhalawar (Raj.) 4. Govt. Engineering College Ajmer 5. Govt. Mahila Engg. College Ajmer 6. M.B.M. Engineering College Faculty of Engineering & Arch. 7. M L V Textile and Engineering College, Bhilwara 8. College of Technology & Engineering, Udaipur 9. Govt. Engineering College, Banswara 10. GCET Bikaner Sikkim: 1. College of Agric Engg, Gangtok Tripura: 1. Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsigarh 2. Tripura University Faculty of Sciences, Agartala Uttar Pradesh: 1. Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhasi 2. Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped UP, Awadhpur, Kanpur 3. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dr B R Ambedkar University, Khandari CAMPUS, Agra 4. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dr. RML Awadh University, Faizabad 5. Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Raebareli 6. Hacourt Buttler Technical University (Formerly HBTI), Kanpur 7. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Bundelkhand University, Kanpur Road, Jhansi 8. Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology Sultanpur (UP) 9. FET MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (UP) 10. MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur, UP 11. NITRA Technical Campus Sector-23 Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad 12. Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor Jalilpur Block Road, Near Eidgah, Chandpur, District Bijnor 13. Rajkiya Engineering College, Banda 14. Rajkiya Engineering College, Vill: Akbalpur, Po: Sikraura (Deogaon), Distt: Azamgarh 15. Uma Nath Singh Institute of Engineering & Technology, VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur Uttarakhand: 1. BTKIT, Dwarahat 2. S.I.T. Pithoragarh 3. Women Institute of Tech-Dehradun 4. THDC Engineering college, Tehri Grahwal ATAL Tinkering Labs: ILLUSTRATIVE LIST OF EQUIPMENT AND KITS IN ATAL TINKERING LABORATORIES (ATL) 1 Rapid Prototyping Tools Equipment 3D Printer Kit and tools 1 1.75 mm PLA Printer, With 180mm ×200mm ×160mm Build Volume, Spatula, Tweezers, Cutter, Screwdriver, Wrench etc. 2 Rapid Prototyping Tools Consumables Consumables Set of Arts & Crafts Accessories 3 Electronics Development Equipment Intel Galileo, Genuino & Edison 5 4 Electronics Development Equipment Arduino Uno Boards 10 5 Electronics Development Equipment Breadboards & Mini Breadboard 8 Solder less 400 points and 800 points (8 of each), Self-adhesive proto shield 6 Electronics Development Equipment General Purpose Board 30 30 boards of each size of A1,A2 and A3 7 Electronics Development Equipment USB Cables 10 USB Cable Set (A to B) 8 Electronics Development Consumables Multiple 15 9 Volt battery, multiple resistors and capacitors for electronic projects (various sizes) 9 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment IR Sensors 50 10 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - HMC5883L 5 11 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Humidity Sensor 5 12 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment MQ-4 Natural Gas sensor 5 12 | P a g e 13 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment TSOP 1738 5 14 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Ultrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR-04 5 15 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment ADXL335 5 16 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment PIR Motion Detector Module 5 17 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment CMOS IR Camera Module - 728x488 3 18 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment RFID Reader - Tags 5 19 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment RF Modules Tx & Rx 315 MHz ASK 5 20 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Zig-bee 10 21 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment GSM Module 2 22 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Voice Recognition 2 23 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Wire Strippers 10 Wire Stripper Cutter Plier With Spring -26x6x20 Cms (LxWxH) 24 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Hot glue gun + Glue Sticks 1 Range in open space(Standard Conditions) : 100 Meters 25 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Soldering Iron Kit Temperature Controlled Soldering Station 1 SIM900A based Quad band GSM/GPRS modem. Accepts 12V input supply 26 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Screwdriver 2 Multi-purpose 27 Internet of Equipment Tool Set 2 Multi-purpose 13 | P a g e Things & Sensors 28 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Digital Multi Meter 10 Digital Multi meter Voltage Current Resistance-Seven functions + nineteen ranges to cover = DC voltage 200mV to 1kV,AC voltage 200V-750V,DC current 200 microamp-10 Amp, Resistance 200-2meg Ohm and Transistor & diode test.AC and DC voltage, Resistance, DC amps 29 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment DC Power Supply 1 0-30 V 1 A digital DC power supply with variable adjustment 30 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Digital Oscilloscope 2 Dual Trace Oscilloscope , 200 MHz, 2 Channel, 2GS/s Digital Storage 31 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Cables 50 Micro USB, Mini USB, USB A-USB B, USB - USB. Each 10 pieces 32 Internet of Things & Sensors Equipment Adapters 20 DC power Adapter with 5V, 12V. Each 10 33 Robotics Equipment Motors 34 Robotics Equipment Arduino Robot Kits 35 Robotics Equipment Lego EV3 Kit 36 Mechanical Tools Equipment Hacksaw Junior 37 Mechanical Tools Equipment Micro Chisel Set 38 Mechanical Tools Equipment Pliers External Straight Nose Circlip Plier, Long Nose Plier, Combination Mini Plier, wire stripping pliers, 14 | P a g e bent nose pliers, Needle nose pliers 39 Mechanical Tools Equipment Mini Hack Saw 40 Mechanical Tools Equipment Ball Pen Hammer 41 Mechanical Tools Equipment Steel Shaft Claw Hammer 42 Mechanical Tools Equipment Fiber Glass Nail Hammer 43 Mechanical Tools Equipment Rubber Mallet 44 Mechanical Tools Equipment C-Clamp 45 Mechanical Tools Equipment Allen Key Set 46 Mechanical Tools Equipment Dremel Workstation for drilling Bosch 47 Mechanical Tools Equipment 12 piece combination Spanner Set 48 Mechanical Tools Equipment 12 Piece Open ended Spanner Set 49 Mechanical Tools Equipment 30 Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set 50 Mechanical Tools Equipment Baby Vice 60 mm 51 Mechanical Tools Equipment 6 Piece Precision Screw Driver Set 52 Mechanical Tools Equipment Adjustable Scanner 53 Measurement Tools Equipment Stanley STHT30437 5Mx19mm Global Power Return Tape with Blister Pack 54 Measurement Tools Equipment Stainless Steel 12” / 15 | P a g e 150 mm Rule 55 Measurement Tools Equipment 150 mm / 6” Digital Vernier Caliper 56 Measurement Tools Equipment 12” Spirit Leve 57 Measurement Tools Equipment Digital Pen Tester 58 Measurement Tools Equipment Fluke 106 & 101 Multimeter 59 Accessories Consumables Cutting Mats A3 Size 60 Electric Tools Equipment Electric Screw Driver Set 61 Electric Tools Equipment 1800 W Dual Temperature Heat Gun 62 Electric Tools Equipment Glue Guns for Tacking, Attaching and Working 63 Power Supply & accessories Consumables 9 volt battery clips 64 Power Supply & accessories Equipment Hook-up Wires Red & Black set 100 Meters each 65 Power Supply & accessories Consumables "The Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) will provide school students the opportunity to work with tools and equipments, fostering inventiveness. Students will also be able to exchange knowledge and learn from one another through regional and national-level competitions, exhibitions, workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products, so that," Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, told reporters here. The signing event at the NITI Aayog office in the capital was attended by Kant, Rosalind Hudnell, vice president (Corporate Affairs) at Intel Corporation and President of the Intel Foundation and Kishore Balaji, director of Corporate Affairs Group, Intel South Asia, among others. "We are proud to be part of the Atal Innovation Mission to launch tinkering labs throughout India, which will ultimately help millions of children across the country develop the skills they need to be competitive as tomorrow's workforce," said Hudnell. The first 10 labs intend to impact 250,000 youth with innovation skills for the future across 500 communities and schools. As part of the initiative, Intel India will facilitate ideation, design thinking and prototyping workshops through industry experts and co-lead an innovation festival. "This collaboration is part of our endeavour to nurture local innovation and promote a culture of tinkering among our future citizens," said Balaji. NITI Aayog also organised an expert consultative group meeting on creating a framework for operationalising 500 ATLs. Objective Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) including Self-Employment and Talent Utilization (SETU) is Government of India’s endeavour to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Its objective is to serve as a platform for promotion of world-class Innovation Hubs, Grand Challenges, Start-up businesses and other self-employment activities, particularly in technology driven areas. The Atal Innovation Mission shall have two core functions: Entrepreneurship promotion through Self-Employment and Talent Utilization, wherein innovators would be supported and mentored to become successful entrepreneurs Atal Incubation Centre Join us in transforming the start-up ecosystem in India. Atal Innovation Mission is funding 100 Atal Incubation Centres across the country. We're setting up sector-specific incubation centres to support start-ups. 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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robolab? Which students can use the Robolab facility?

Robolab is an Activity based learning platform which acts as the Center of Excellence for all the Robotics needs of your institutes for the students from all the departments

How much time do you take to establish the Robolab?

After receiving the confirmed Order from the customer, we take 20 working days to establish the basic Robolab.

Do you design the Robolab for the customer?

We at Robolab Technologies believe in customization and we design the Robolab as per the customer’s requirements.

Is there any after sales support provided from your end?

An after sales technical support of 12 to 18 months is included in the Robolab establishment, depending on the Robolab option that you choose to establish.

Is there any warranty/ guarantee on the material?

One year of warranty is given on the material provided in the Robolab.

How are you different & Why should we get associated with you?

We are a Long term solution of all your robotics needs.

Advanced robot learning kits with latest study platforms.

Specially tailored Robotics curricula for different age groups.

Time to time up gradations of the Robolab.

Will you be teaching the faculties?

Yes, we do teach and empower your faculties so as to run the Robolab in future. It varies from case to case basis.

Can you appoint a full-time person from your end here at our institute?

The high-quality training that empowers the Robolab Trainees and the after sales support makes the need of a full-time person from our end at the Robolab established a redundancy. Still, we keep the option open from case to case basis, depending on the customer’s need and urge to invest in having a full-time person at the Robolab facility.

Have you established such Robolabs before?

Yes, Please refer to the clientele on our website.


Who are you associated with?

Robolab Technologies is the first incubated company under the BHAU Institute Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, COE, Pune


We are associated with our Alma mater, The College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) (An autonomous institute of the Government of Maharashtra, 3rd oldest Engineering College in Asia)

We are also associated with Ignited Innovators of India (I2I)

Can students do their Mini-projects and major projects in the Robolab?

They can. We also provided separate customized training modules for the same at the established Robolab facility at your campus.

Can Robolab cater the needs of competitions like Robocon, IIT Techfests, Mindspark?

The material provided in the Robolab is sufficient to crack the competition’s problem statement and complete the tasks easily.

Will it be beneficial to the students from the placement point of view?

A Roboticist is indeed a complete engineer who can adapt into multiple roles that the industry has to offer. The practical way of learning along with high-quality hands-on experience makes the students better equipped to cater the needs of a challenging professional career that lie ahead.

Can we sign a MoU with Robolab Technologies and make sure that we are associated with each other for the long run?

Yes, we actually prefer doing that and stay associated with our valued customers forever.

My son is in 6th standard and he wants to be a doctor. Will Robotics be useful to him?

Yes, the medical field has a wide range of application related to the field of robotics. Moreover, being involved in an activity like Robolab enhances the learning capabilities of your child in multiple ways, irrespective of the career options that he/she chooses in future.