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Fireproof Balloon Science Experiment

Balloons can pop rather easy. You know that they must be kept away from sharp objects and away from flames. Fire will weaken the rubber and will pop it.


However, in this experiment you will find out how you can hold a balloon directly in a flame without popping the balloon.


Light a candle and put the first balloon over the flame. Allow the flame to touch the balloon. What happens? The balloon pops, very quickly.


Light the candle again. Hold the second balloon directly above the balloon. Allow the flame to touch the balloon.


What happens with this balloon? The balloon doesn’t break. You may even see a black soot form on the outside of the balloon above the flame.


What happens with this balloon? Why doesn’t this balloon pop?
well the science behind the fireproof balloon is that I put water in the second balloon. Now that there is water in the balloon the flame heats the water and not the rubber. The water absorbs most of the heat from the flame. The rubber of the balloon does not become very hot.


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