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First Look at the Raspberry Pi A+, setup tutorial, testing and review.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi A+ is very easy. In this tutorial we see how to set it up, install the Raspbian distribution to it and measure its power consumption. In other words, we do a full review of it.


The Raspberry Pi A+ is an amazing device. It is a very powerful computer which costs under 30$!


The Raspberry Pi model A+ is very small in size. It has the same size as the Arduino Uno but don’t be fooled by its small size. This board is extremely powerful. It has the same computational power of a laptop that you could buy 10 years ago. It uses a 700mHz 32 bit processor. It has 256 megabytes of RAM memory.


It runs Linux as an operating system and all that with a price tag of $30. It is really impressive. The board also has a full size HDMI slot a Display Port, this one here a camera port, an integrated audio and video jack 40 GPIO pins and a usb 2.0 port.


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