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Free and Open Source alternatives for commercial softwares

Commercial SoftwareSimilar OpensourceDownload LinkLicenseUsed where
MATLABScilabLinkCeCILLEngineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Embedded systems, Chemical), Science (Physics, Mathematics)
MathematicaMaximaLinkGPLMathematics, Engineering
Cadence pSpicengspice LinkBSDEngineering (Electrical, Electronics, Embedded systems)
Microsoft OfficeOpen officeLinkLGPLAll branches
Microsoft OfficeLaTeXLinkLPPLAll branches
Mathematica/MapleSageLinkGPLPrecise arithmetic, algebra, symbolic computation
Microsoft WindowsGNU/LinuxLinkGPLAll branches
Turbo CGCCLinkGPLEngineering (Introductory Computing – all branches)
Pro/EBRL-CADLinkBSDEngineering (CAD)
BSD, BSDEngineering (Electronics, Computer Science)
MS OFFICE Plotting toolsXmgrace, XFIG, GNUPLOTLink1 ,Link2 ,Link3BSD, GPL, Own license (but free)Drawing the figures, plots, flow diagrams
Code composer Studio, IAR WorkbenchGNU BinutilsLinkGPLAssembler, Compilers for micro controllers and DSP Processors (MSP, VC33 etc)
VxWORKSRTLinux, RTAILink1 ,Link2GPL, GPL/LGPL (kernel and user space respectively),Real-time operating System for Desktop and Embedded Systems
KEIL 8051SDCCLinkGPLGCC SDCC compiler for 8051 controlers
synopsis-CosmosSE, Mentor-Icstudio, Cadence-VirtuosoXcircuitLinkGPLschematic design
Mentor-ICstation, Cadence-VirtuosoMagicLinkBSDUsed for chip Layout design
Modelsimghdl, freehdlLink1 ,Link2GPLVHDL compiler
MatlabOctaveLinkGPLNumerical Computation
AutoCadKiCad,LinkGPLCAD system
Operating SystemGNU/LINUXLinkGPLOperating System
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