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Free and Open Source alternatives for commercial softwares

Commercial Software Similar Opensource Download Link License Used where
MATLAB Scilab Link CeCILL Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Embedded systems, Chemical), Science (Physics, Mathematics)
Mathematica Maxima Link GPL Mathematics, Engineering
Cadence pSpice ngspice Link BSD Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Embedded systems)
Microsoft Office Open office Link LGPL All branches
Microsoft Office LaTeX Link LPPL All branches
Mathematica/Maple Sage Link GPL Precise arithmetic, algebra, symbolic computation
Microsoft Windows GNU/Linux Link GPL All branches
Turbo C GCC Link GPL Engineering (Introductory Computing – all branches)
Pro/E BRL-CAD Link BSD Engineering (CAD)
BSD, BSD Engineering (Electronics, Computer Science)
MS OFFICE Plotting tools Xmgrace, XFIG, GNUPLOT Link1 ,Link2 ,Link3 BSD, GPL, Own license (but free) Drawing the figures, plots, flow diagrams
Code composer Studio, IAR Workbench GNU Binutils Link GPL Assembler, Compilers for micro controllers and DSP Processors (MSP, VC33 etc)
VxWORKS RTLinux, RTAI Link1 ,Link2 GPL, GPL/LGPL (kernel and user space respectively), Real-time operating System for Desktop and Embedded Systems
KEIL 8051 SDCC Link GPL GCC SDCC compiler for 8051 controlers
synopsis-CosmosSE, Mentor-Icstudio, Cadence-Virtuoso Xcircuit Link GPL schematic design
Mentor-ICstation, Cadence-Virtuoso Magic Link BSD Used for chip Layout design
Modelsim ghdl, freehdl Link1 ,Link2 GPL VHDL compiler
Matlab Octave Link GPL Numerical Computation
AutoCad KiCad, Link GPL CAD system
FreeCad Link
S-Plus R Link GPL Statistics
Operating System GNU/LINUX Link GPL Operating System

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