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Frequently Asked Questions for ATL, NITI Aayog

ATL:what is tinkering??
Experimenting with various available raw materials and technology tools; understanding their potential and creating a solution for local/global problems
ATL:Is there any prescribed curriculum/syllabus for different classes and set challenges which the students have to attend throughout the year?
The idea of the ATL is to ensure that children think out of the box and use the ATLs to learn science hands on, without rote learning. It is meant to encourage students to experiment in any manner that excites them. Therefore, schools have full freedom to encourage and push children in this direction, without forcing children into pigeon holes
ATL:When will be the first audit/ inspection ?
schools have to upload info to AIM portal monthly, quarterly and annually. Random checks can be conducted by NITI officials
ATL: How to set up ATL? How to train the teachers?
Mentor to help with technical aspects & building prototypes, inspire & motivate students, encourage students to generate new ideas & team building and be a sounding board / guide for students.
ATL:Who would be a competent In-charge of ATL?
Young & dynamic people with Bachelors in science or engineering / teacher in school with a proven expertise and interest in electrical, electronics, computer, physics along with a strong drive to help young people build skills, confidence & an opportunity to do something new and out of box, proficient in English & local languages.
How to train the students? Any curriculum available?
What is the responsibility of ATL-in-charge?
What can be desired qualifications of faculty members?
What will be the role of mentors?
Mentor to help with technical aspects & building prototypes, inspire & motivate students, encourage students to generate new ideas & team building and be a sounding board / guide for students.
ATL:We are in a fix, where to start from, and how to select vendor and procure kits, what will be the most transparent and simple procedure?
please use the procurement guideline to invite all vendors to present their proposals, conduct due diligence and finalize, speak to other selected ATL principals and learn how they are doing
ATL:Is it mandatory to use all the funding amount received per year in the same year; If not utilized completely in given year, can they be used in next year…?
It is mandatory to utilise all funding amount received in 1 year. You will receive the next year’s amount only after exhausting the fund
ATL:What is the role of teachers in this?
How should we implement it?
Do you give any training to teachers?
Initial training will be provided by NITI Aayog
ATL:Do we have the liberty to make our own road map for executing objectives of ATL labs.
Yes, schools have full freedom to ensure that children experiment in the labs and can use any method to encourage and propel children to think innovatively
ATL:As per the provided list we feel that ATL is only mechanics ,electronics and robotics . Can we work in fundamental sciences also ?
yes, you can available equipments and create projects across all science subjects, across all centres
ATL:Till we get the design of lab it is difficult to get electrification and other furniture or storage arrangement done…. even though our location is ready to be set
the lab elements- include furniture, equipment, storage space, safety consideration, etc. You will have to finalize the final design based on your lab space. We will provide all guideline, will also share a video of AT lab set up soon. Lab has to be set up by June 30, so please start now!
ATL:What is the role of ATL Incharge? Is there any training programme is plan for them?
Role of ATL incharge – Set up ATL, get trained, collaborate with school teachers to develop timetable, engage students, conduct student ideation/ brainstorming sessions, spread awareness about ATL inside and outside the school, maintain databases & documents & ensure safety of students.
ATL:Can some selected students also attend that training session for teachers arranged by NITI?
NITI will conduct workshops for students separately
ATL:I have doubt aim already given vendors list, if we get same item with less price can we purchase items from local market with genuine bills
the final decision with regard to selection of the vendor for purchasing the equipment and training services resides with the schools. The schools may select vendors outside this suggestive list, provided the quality, equipment specification and price of the vendors matches or are better than that of the suggestive list.
ATL:Are we going to have any standard curriculum for ATL or schools have to decide individually?
NITI is in the process of developing a handbook on different concepts like idea generation, design thinking, computational thinking etc. Will conduct workshops for students. Will make the resources available
ATL:Can the funds be used for facilitating the experts called for workshops and seminars.
Grant-in-aid can’t be utilised for payment of honorariums to mentors / experts. Please see the utilisation guidelines
ATL:Is proper manual education enough for being able to operate an ATL lab or proper special training programmes are needed??
Mix of training curriculum, hands on workshops will be conducted at the schools
ATL:Some of the listed vendors are charging huge amounts of money for training teachers….. Shall we pay???
Grants cannot be used for teacher training. NITI will arrange teacher training programs for all schools. Refer to the guidelines
ATL:Whether it is necessary to purchase all the listed equipment?
ATL:How the ATL help the society. What is the main moto of ATL in school.
ATL will help students inculcate a spirit of creativity, curiosity and innovation. students and teachers will develop skills like design thinking, ideation, computational thinking, which will help them to develop solutions to india community problems.
ATL:Can we spend small part of the grand for furnitures or lab utensils?
Grant-in-aid can be utilized for Refurbishment of the ATL in terms of electrical fittings, internet facility, painting procurement of furniture like tables, chairs, storage boxes, printing of banner/board etc. can be undertaken by the schools on a 50:50 cost sharing basis. A maximum of Rs. 1.00 lakh from the grant-in-aid may be utilised for this purpose
ATL:Is it mandatory for us to involve other school students in neibhourhood to work in our ATAL LAB ?
yes it is mandatory to involve other school students and students from nearby communities
ATL:This is something new to my teachers and hence we would need serious training. Where can we seek help?
NITI to provide orientation to teachers on topics like Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, Physical computing, Prototyping etc. Training material will be released soon. Schools to conduct more such programs on a regular basis.
ATL: ATL working hours: should it be after the school hour / within the school hour ?
Utilise zero periods/class teacher’s period for dedicated sessions for tinkering
Use block periods for continuous lab sessions – this would help provide the students ample time to work at a stretch
Make a time table for after school hours for school students and similarly, students from other schools
ATL: When is the proposed date of launch? Should we wait till the launch to decide the ventors?
Please do not wait for the launch. Use the procurement guideline and fund utilization guideline shared on email to decide vendors and purchase equipment. All labs should be set up by june 30 with all equipment in place
ATL:Can we purchase the 3 D printer from a local supplier who can support us on regular basis ?
Please ensure good quality and comparable price, and that you do not exceed your budget.
ATL:let us know after deciding the space for atl, what should be our next step?
Please purchase all equipment, set up physical space, get all equipment installed, get advisory committee, get your ATL incharge ready
ATL: Will niti ayog be providing any training to the teachers?
Yes, NITI will provide orientation to teachers over the next few months
ATL:Can the students have their own designs or is there a fixed set of projects?
Students are encouraged to identify their own projects
ATL: Whether any detailed guidelines touching every aspect of ATL available ?
Operational manual with all details will be released soon.
ATL:Who will be the trainer for the innovators throughout the year ?
ATL in charge who will be trained by experts through NITI initially, and then school will have to conduct teacher training, along with mentors
ATL:How to train the students in handling the kits and equipments any guidelines should be given to ATL faculties…?
NITI Aayog will share videos and other material, including detailed user manuals for the labs
ATL:Before finalising the deal with vendors, shall schools inform Niti Aayog about the same
No, schools have the freedom to pick their own vendors, after conducting due diligence
ATL:ATL activity … it going to be a part of curriculum ? Is it compulsory for all students to participate in this ?
ATL has 4 levels –Level 1 – Pretinker (for all students in 6 – 12th)
Level 2 – Tinker Club (open to interested students)
Level 3 – tinker Lab (atleast 3 batches of 30 students in a year – to
work on specific ideas and projects)
Level 4 – Post-tinker Lab (for motivated students to work on real time
projects with the help of mentors)
ATL:Can we include educational trips or send faculty and students to attend different seminars or summer schools to different institutes across India.
you can do these. However, budget should be utilised as per the guidelines provided to all schools
ATL:In case we select multiple vendors then what will be rules and regulations regarding the AMC of the same?
Is it up to the vendor to decide if they want to give AMC or not?
the vendors should provide 2 year warranty and 3 year AMC, wherever applicable, and clearly indicate the terms and conditions of the same.
ATL:Are there any labs which can be visited to see how the ATL Tinkering lab is supposed to be designed and conceptualized before we finalize our own layout and plan? Preferable location: AP, Telangana
We are developing a video on the design, layout of ATL. Will share soon. You can visit the school APSWR School Jr College Girls Tallapalem, Visakhapatnam district. Please contact the school authorities
ATL:What are the guidelines and parameters to allow the other schools to work at ATL Labs?
Will they bring their own material and trainers or will we be liable to provide the same?
Other schools should utilise the equipment available in the lab
ATL:Can two teachers with different subject background ( physics or chemistry or biology) cumulatively act as teachers Incharge of ATL if that combination could work for better outcome?
There has to be one ATL Incharge responsible for all activity, others can support.


Source: AIM TO Innovate official Facebook page

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  • Nitin

    What is amount NITI Aayog is paying to ATL incharge or instructor. Is it through School or NITI Aayog is in direct contact with concern teacher or in charge.

    • Robolab Technologies

      As per the guidelines and instructions, that is at the discretion of the institution. NITI Aayog has not fixed any amount for this.
      The transaction will happen between Schools and Instructors.
      For more information, please read the guideline documents carefully.

  • Prashant

    Can there be two ATL Incharges in a particular institution.


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