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FUN-FLY-STICK – Static Electricity experiment

The magic force of the FUN FLY STICK is static electricity. It is the same static electricity that you generate when you rub a balloon on your hair or walk across the carpet. IF you touch someone conductive and get shocked, you know that you had static charge.


The FUN FLY STICK is a portable static electricity generator simply by running a rubber belt over two rollers. The semi-conductive cardboard coupled with the much smaller electrical charge generated by the Fun Fly Stick, eliminates risk of being zapped.


IF you love science like I do, and want to learn more about electrostatics, this is what you need. Plus its just fun.


EXPLANATION: When you turn the FUN FLY STICK on, it begins separating positive and negative charges. The positive charge gets accumulated on the control tube – the cardboard tube mounted on top of the want. When the mylar touches the control tube, it acquires positive charge and immediately repels from the control tube because they now have the same charge. The shape opens up because the charge has been distributed along the entire surface of the shape and it repels itself. every part of the FUN Flyer is trying to be as far away from every other part as possible. The shape floats due to the principle of repulsion of like charges. Pretty Awesome!


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