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Google Science Journal App Kit from SparkFun!

What is Science Journal?
Science Journal, a digital science notebook that helps kids and adults explore the world around them. With this app, you can record data from sensors on your Android phone or connected to an Arduino, take notes, and learn scientific processes like predicting, observing, and interpreting data. What are Science Journal kits? Science Journal kits are kits that support activities developed by Google together with the Exploratorium. Each kit includes supplies to build and measure your own wind spinners using the Science Journal app. You can also use the same kit for a new activity coming this summer from Google and the Exploratorium. Over time, more kits and activities will be available on Science Journal works with a variety of external sensors, which will also be featured on the Science Journal site with their own activities and kits to go with them. You’ll always be able to identify kits, activities, and sensors that are compatible with Google’s Science Journal app by looking for the “Works with Science Journal” logo.


What is Making & Science?
Making & Science is an initiative from Google to inspire future scientists and makers. Learn more about our programs, events, media, and the new Science Journal app at


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