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Gravity or Magnetic Hills and the science behind them

So what makes the car roll up the slope of a hill? Do these mystery spots really defy the laws of physics?
“Gravity Hills” or “Magnetic Hills” are natural places where cars are put into neutral and seem to move uphill on a slightly sloping road, apparently defying the law of gravity. Typically, the stretch of road is rather short (50-90 m), only a few meters wide, and surrounded by a natural hill landscape, without nearby buildings.


That’s our spot, dead on.


There are several things that enable us to sense which way is up. The balance mechanism in our inner ears is one system we have, but visual clues are also important and can be overriding. If the horizon cannot be seen or is not level, then we may be fooled by objects that we expect to be vertical but that really are not. False perspective might also play a role. If trees in a line get larger or smaller with distance, our sense of perspective is thrown off. Objects far away may seem smaller or larger than they really are.


Your conclusion is it is a OPTICAL ILLUSION
At the end of this experiment I have came to the conclusion that its just a optical illusion. With the altitude higher on the bottom then the top, the plastic ball rolling up hill, the bubble level showing it was higher on the bottom part of the hill and walking down hill with the feeling that are muscles were going up hill. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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