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How much water is in a ORANGE? Experiment

All living things must have water to survive. The good ol water cycle recycles water all the time. Evaporation is the change of liquid-water to water vapor. Evaporation of water occurs everyday whether it is in a cup or lake. Evaporation is a major part of the water cycle.


After the orange slices where completely dry, which took about 24 hours. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer or fan. I just left mine in the sun the natural way. I put them back on the weighing scale. Remember the orange weighed 61 oz (1,803 ml) before the experiment was started and now weigh 19 oz (561 ml).


To figure out the percentage of solids in the orange, I divide the weight of dry sample to the weight of original sample that is : (19oz/61oz=0.3114). To figure out the percentage of water in the orange, I used this formula: (61oz-19oz)/61=0.6885
In result of my experiment, I found out that orange is consisted of 69% water.


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