How to Use Calipers

We made a video showing you how to use calipers! Digital calipers are fairly straightforward, but it can be a little tricky to read dial and Vernier calipers. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


While they are often found in fields like mechanical engineering and metalworking, calipers have their place in electronics as well. Every now and then, I run across a component that has no datasheet, or the datasheet has incomplete information on the required PCB footprint for the part. If I happen to have the component in hand, I can pull out my trusty calipers to take whatever measurements I need from the component.


Beyond just PCB layout, they are also extremely useful for taking precise measurements to 3D print enclosures for your electronics. I use a set of digital calipers for quick work, but I also have a set of Vernier calipers for when I need reliability in my measurements. Beyond these, what else do you like to use calipers for? Any tips or tricks you can offer for taking good measurements?


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