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iKeybo: World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard and Piano


iKeybo is the world’s most advanced virtual laser projection keyboard & piano introduced by the Serafim Company. Serafim focuses on the software and hardware integration of mobile devices and wearable mobile technology. Serafim currently provides a lineup of products and services, such as phone sensors, smart laser presentation pens, laser virtual keyboards, and handheld sensing devices just to name a few. The most important and attracting feature of iKeybo is that In just a second, it can turn any flat surface into your keyboard or piano.



Need of Virtual Keyboard :-


Without keyboard, communicating between family, friends and business is a bit difficult task as one wants a speed to type the text, sending mails, making word files etc. In today’s fastest moving world it is less possible that every person will carry their tablets and laptops. To avoid these cumbersome things, new technology is flourishing in the world which is a Virtual Laser Keyboard, with the help of which one can  interact with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. You don’t need any filthy keyboards to carry with or to type on a small 2 inches keyboard present in your smartphone.


How it works ?

There aren’t any switches involved in Virtual Keyboard instead a Red-diode Laser that projects the image of QWERTY keypad in front of the user on a reflecting surface. This laser beam shines from a Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) which is basically a tiny image that gets projected far away on a reflecting surface with the help of optical lenses as seen in various concerts.


Along with that, there is one IR laser diode placed beneath the device that projects a cover sheet along with the projection of a Red Laser Diode. The main function of this IR is that the device can read the information that we are typing and one CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) scans our finger position and a special sensor chip called a Virtual Interface Processing Core will locate the position of the key where we have stroked and will send this information analysis to the smartphone which displays the required text.



Features of iKeybo

  • Virtual keyboard with multiple languages layout
  • Virtual Studio with 4+ Musical instruments
  • Portable charger with 10 hours of battery life
  • Compact size to fit into your pocket
  • iKeybo comes with 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery which will enable you to type continuously for 10 hours. It also has smart energy-saving modes to save power and enable a quicker return to active mode.


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