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Internet of Things – Big Data Analytics Demo

Collecting an enormous amount of event data over the Internet, then evaluating it in real time – as it continues to flow into the system – executing on the data predictive analysis, e.g. To receive automatic action suggestions and then redirect the data stream into cost-effective storage formats for long-term evaluation – all this can be called the Advanced Analytics platform in Microsoft Azure, also known as Cortana Analytics.


In this practical demo video, which refers specifically to the transport logistics, Microsoft once presented how such a complete solution can handle it, if there are problems in the delivery process. Ceteris CEO Markus Raatz is demonstrating word for word the Fleet Management application of the fictitious transport company “Fabrikam Freight” and also looks under the hood at the components Azure Event Hub, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Machine Learning (AzureML), DocumentDB and Power BI.


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