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Internet of Things in the Public Sector

Today I will talk about you how the Internet of Things can be used in the public sector, and I will show you how reports on pollen levels can be shared with the public in an efficient and fun way using a smart and connected device.


For people who are allergic to pollen (like myself) the periods with high levels can be challenging, and it becomes important to be prepared with medication and other remedies when that happens. Most countries have web sites and even apps to keep track of pollen levels, but they are easily forgotten, so what if there was something that would immediately let you know the current levels in an intuitive way?


Let’s build a device that could be connected to a public API, and to do that, I will use an Arduino Yun with an LED dot matrix display, and to connect everything, you need a breadboard, 8 resistors with 220 ohm, and 16 jumper wires.


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